Government Booklet Provides Summit Overview

[HSO]Halifax, March 14, 1995 - The Halifax Summit office released today an information booklet designed to provide Canadians with an overview of the historical importance of economic summits.

[HSO]"Summits are first and foremost an opportunity for leaders to exchange ideas and experiences that will allow them to better understand and manage the most pressing economic and political issues of the day," explained Len Edwards, executive director of the Halifax Summit office. "The initial focus, twenty-one years ago in Rambouillet, France was on economic concerns, but in recent years the agenda has been expanded to include such global issues as terrorism, drug trafficking and the environment. The booklet traces this shift and outlines the important actions that have resulted from summit meetings."

[HSO]Canada and the G-7 Summits is a 12-page booklet in both official languages containing information on the seven largest industrialized nations as well as the European Union and the Russian Federation. The booklet provides background on Summit history, Summit agenda items, former leaders and participating countries as well as key issues to be discussed in Halifax this June.

[HSO]Canada has had a seat at the Summit table since 1976. It has meant recognition of Canada's global foreign policy approach, its important role in international institutions, its position as a major trading nation, and its status as a resource-rich country.

[HSO]The booklet was produced by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Copies may be obtained free of charge from:

The Halifax Summit Office     Foreign Affairs and International Trade 
1505 Barrington Street        Canada - InfoCentre (SKI)
16th Floor, Maritime Centre   125 Sussex Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia          Ottawa, Ontario
B3J 3K5                  K1A 0G2

Telephone: (902) 473-7890     Telephone: 1-800-267-8376
Facsimile:(902) 473-8989 Facsimile: (613) 944-4500

The Summit will take place in Halifax from June 15-17, 1995.

For more information contact:

Angela Surrette
Halifax Summit Media Relations 
(902) 473-7119

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