Halifax Cable to Beam Summit to Metro Homes.

[HSO]Halifax, April 11, 1995 -- The Halifax Summit Office (HSO) announced today that Metro Halifax residents will be able to enjoy every detail of the upcoming Summit simply by turning on their televisions. Halifax Cable will provide two Summit Television Channels.

[HSO]In cooperation with the host broadcaster, CTV-Dome, Halifax Cable will dedicate two channels to broadcast Summit coverage to the Media Centre, all Summit sites, and all of Metro Halifax. Channel 10 will be the Events channel broadcasting on-going coverage of all key activities. Channel 25 will be the Message channel keeping everyone abreast of the Summit schedule and any last minute changes.

[HSO]"These two channels" explained Len Edwards, executive director of the HSO, "will give area residents the unique opportunity to watch unedited coverage of the Summit. The images people are seeing at home, will be the same images the delegates and media will watch from the Summit sites. In effect, Metro Halifax will become part of the Summit."

[HSO]As part of its assignment Halifax Cable will televise images of Halifax and environs when there are no Summit events scheduled. This will allow international visitors to appreciate the beauty of Nova Scotia.

[HSO]"As Halifax's community channel we are always looking for ways to promote our area," say Brett Smith, Programming Director for Halifax Cable. "By providing the Summit channels, we will have the opportunity to broadcast images of Nova Scotia that everyone visiting Halifax during the Summit will be able to see."

[HSO]Halifax Cable's mandate is to provide community programming to Halifax- Dartmouth. It has been serving the area since its inception in 1970. As such it is well suited to promote Nova Scotia while providing top quality Summit coverage.

[HSO]The Summit is a gathering from the seven largest industrialized nations as well as representatives of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The event will take place in Halifax from June 15-17, 1995.

[HSO]For more information contact:

Malcolm McKechnie
Halifax Summit Office Spokesperson
(902) 473-7117

Marie-France LeBlanc
Halifax Summit Media Relations
(902) 473-7084

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