Green Audit Commissioned by HSO

[HSO]Halifax, May 23, 1995 -- The Halifax Summit Office (HSO) is proving how serious it is about "greening the Summit". HSO announced today, in conjunction with the province of Nova Scotia and the Civic Environmental Committee (CEC), that it is commissioning an independent environmental review and assessment of all Summit sites.

[HSO]"A key element to any program nowadays is to measure its success," explains Malcolm McKechnie, HSO spokesperson. "This is the first time the Canadian government has attempted to green such a large event and therefore an environmental review and assessment is imperative."

[HSO]The environmental review will determine the degree to which HSO achieved its environmental goals. The evaluation goes beyond the present Summit and considers the forward looking aspects of how things could be done better in the future.

[HSO]The audit will be independently managed by the CEC Environmental Audit Working group. The CEC is a group composed of representatives from environmental groups, business, concerned individuals and interested governmental departments.

[HSO]"The CEC has always maintained the need for an independent review and assessment," says Martin Janowitz, chairman of the CEC. "Not only will it help in the planning of future events, but it also creates an atmosphere of legitimacy right now. The promise of an audit ensures that all those working on the Summit will take the HSO's environmental guidelines seriously."

[HSO]Environmental awareness is an integral theme of the Halifax Summit. HSO, in conjunction with the Civic Environmental Committee, is working hard to ensure the Summit becomes a positive environmental model for others to emulate. Already the Summit has committed to diverting 85% of waste from landfills through the "G-7 Waste Zero" program; all HSO operations follow the guidelines set out by the Environmental Choice ProgramM; and all media and delegates will receive a Summit mug to discourage them from using styrofoam cups.

[HSO]The Halifax Summit is a gathering of leaders from the seven largest industrialized nations as well as representatives of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The event will take place in Halifax from June 15- 17, 1995.

[HSO]For more information contact:

Malcolm McKechnie
Halifax Summit Office Spokesperson
(902) 473-7117

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