Children Send Greeting to Summit Delegates and Media

Halifax, May 3, 1995 -- Elementary school children across Nova Scotia are getting into the greeting card business. The Halifax Summit Office launched its Children's Greeting Card Program today inviting grade four students to design greeting cards for the delegates and media who will be attending the Halifax Summit from Thursday, June 15 to Saturday, June 17.

"The Children's Greeting Card Program is a fun way to bring the excitement of the Halifax Summit to young people in Nova Scotia," says Len Edwards, executive director of the Halifax Summit Office. "It offers students a creative project to help further their education on the Summit and the participating nations. We're even encouraging the children to include their name and address on the greeting cards in the hope that the delegates and media might respond with a personal note."

The students are asked to use their imagination to create a colourful greeting card incorporating scenes from across the province. There are minimal requirements. The size of the greeting card must not exceed 8.5X11 nor can it address one particular G-7 nation. The students must give their greeting cards to their school principal's office by Monday, May 22. The Halifax Summit Office will distribute the greeting cards to the delegates and journalists on June 15.

The G-7 Summit is a gathering of leaders from the seven largest industrialized nations as well as representatives of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The annual event will be held in Halifax from June 15-17, 1995.

A black & white photo of Patricia Smith, Director General (Programs), Halifax Summit Office, with grade four students designing greeting cards, is available upon request.

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