Call for Accreditation Launced World-wide

Halifax, February 28, 1995 - An advisory inviting media from around the world to apply for accreditation is currently being distributed to 125 Canadian embassies, missions and consulates in over 75 countries by the Halifax Summit Office.

According to Len Edwards, executive director of the Halifax Summit Office, this move marks the beginning of a relationship with regional, national and international media. "Our aim is to create an information exchange with all media representatives attending the Summit in June. We want to obtain the necessary information for accreditation and also provide the media with details on travel, accommodation and a host of other services," said Mr. Edwards.

The accreditation package is made up of three components: an application form, a media travel advisory for international representatives including information concerning customs and entry regulations, and a media notice containing details on accommodation, transportation and on-site media facilities.

Although there is no absolute cut-off date for accreditation, to facilitate the appropriate processing of the forms, the media are asked to respond by May 15. The term "media" referenced in this package refers to representatives of bona fide news gathering organizations who have been assigned to cover the Summit.

"We are hoping to attract journalists from participating and non-participating countries," noted Mr. Edwards. "Past Summits have been covered by such diverse organizations as The New York Times, The British Broadcasting Corporation and Izvestia. One of our key tasks as Summit organizers is to turn the World Trade and Convention Centre and the Halifax Metro Centre into a modern, highly-efficient media facility for the more than 2,000 media representatives that are expected."

In Canada, these materials will be disseminated to all interested media through provincial and national press galleries, provincial premiers' offices, major wire services and all Ottawa based embassies of the Summit countries. Internationally, the materials will be made available through Canadian embassies, missions and consulates.

The Summit is a gathering of leaders from the seven largest industrialized nations as well as representatives of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The event will take place in Halifax from June 15 -17, 1995.

For more information contact:

Marie-Helene Fox or Angela Surrette
Halifax Summit Media Relations
(902) 473-7119