Schoolnet Provides Forum For Interactive Reporting of the Halifax G7 Summit

Student journalists reporting on Halifax Summit events are using the SchoolNet system (Canada's educational site on the Internet) to communicate with other students around the world.

[HSO]Four students from Auburn Drive High School in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, have been accredited as media representatives to cover the Halifax Summit. Along with accredited student observers from Cornwallis Junior Hi gh School in Halifax, these students are posting their Summit interpretations to world-wide web sites, accessible to students across Canada and overseas, and incorporating feedback received via the Internet in subsequent reports.

[HSO]Angela Forgeron, a senior in the applied broadcast journalism program at Auburn Drive, is doing twice-daily reports for a Teen's G-7 Diary Report. Angela started in April to prepare for the assignment, which includes coverage of the Acadia Symposium (a mini-Summit involving adults and students), the People's Summit and the Halifax Summit. "It's a tremendous amount of work," she says, "but it's also an incredible experience."

[HSO]Other students are demonstrating SchoolNet services and resources, including an electronic atlas, Child Find, expert on-line, various forums for discussion and language and geography modules.

[HSO]SchoolNet is an initiative, led by Industry Canada and supported by provincial and territorial governments, educators, universities, colleges and industry, to link all of Canada's 16,000-plus schools to the information highway. SchoolNet aims to enhance educational opportunities and achievements of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 by making national and international education resources available to Canadian teachers and students no matter where they are located.

[HSO]SchoolNet users have the opportunity to participate in collaborative projects with students across the country and around the world. Students from different countries can work as a team to solve problems, conduct experiments, hold e-mail debates, etc. The projects also provide a forum for students to work with professional researchers to solve real-life problems.

[HSO]Canada is using SchoolNet as the foundation for participation in a G-7 committee discussing how to further cross-cultural education and training. Members of G-7 countries and observers from the European Union are considering creating a network of country-specific initiatives, such as SchoolNet, around the world. The SchoolNet site address is:

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