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Leaders to Use Tablet Computers from Fujitsu for Real-Time Research During Summit Meeting

[HSO]SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 30, 1995 -- Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. today announced that it has been selected to provide its Stylistic 500 tablet computer as the computing and communications solution for the upcoming Economic Summit taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia June 15 through 17.

[HSO]"We are honoured by the Halifax Summit Office's choice of the Stylistic 500," said Lou Panetta, executive vice president of Fujitsu Personal Systems. "The fact that we were selected to supply the computing and co mmunications solution for the leaders of the world's most powerful nations clearly demonstrates not only our leadership in the tablet computing market, but also the viability of the market itself. In industries ranging from healthcare to insurance to uti lities, the market for high-performance, application-specific mobile computing solutions is growing exponentially."

[HSO]The Halifax Summit brings together the leaders of the world's seven largest industrialized nations, namely the United States, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany and Italy, for high-level discussions on international economic issues and trade policies. At this year's meeting, leaders of the European Union and Russia will also participate.

[HSO]During the conference proceedings, a research facilitator known as the "sherpa" will sit behind each of the nine leaders to coordinate all real-time research from the conference room. The sherpa, a very high ranking official such as a chief of staff, is stationed at a desk equipped with telephone, facsimile machine, printer and, this year, a Stylistic 500.

[HSO]When a leader needs information such as trade figures or some other data that must be researched, he will turn to his sherpa. The sherpa, using the Stylistic 500, will transmit the request to a research room thre e floors above, where the delegation's research team is located. The researchers, who will also be armed with Stylistic 500's, will look up the information and then transmit it back to the sherpa.

[HSO]Developed by Filbitron, a Toronto-based VAR, the communications solution includes the Stylistic 500 running SMART 2000 conferencing software from SMART Technologies Inc., aha! Ink Writer by aha! software corporation and serial communications facilities between the sherpa and the researcher. In addition, scheduling, messaging and document management and retrieval capabilities insure flawless meeting flow and control.

[HSO]The Stylistic 500 is a 2.6-pound tablet computer designed for mobile workers involved in high-end decision support activities. Powered by an Intel 486DX2-50 CPU, the system features RAM expandable to 20 MB; two P CMCIA version 2.0 expansion slots -- one for a Type III ATA hard disk card or Type II solid state flash card and one for a Type III card or two Type I/II cards; and an 8-inch transmissive backlit, 64-level VGA screen. It is the only tablet computer to operate on standard Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batterie s, which can be purchased in most consumer retail outlets.

[HSO]Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is a leader in providing solutions for data collection and decision support applications through the development of super portable palmtop, pen-based and communicating computers. Its solutions are designed to meet the needs of applications where light weight, small form factor and long battery life are essential. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, L td. Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. corporate headquarters can be reached at (408) 982-9500. Product information can be obtained by calling (800) 831-3183.

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