HSO Encouraging Residents to Stay in Town for the G-7

Halifax, April 24, 1995 -- The Halifax Summit Office (HSO) unveiled today its preliminary Facilities Access Plan for the Halifax Summit indicating that it is encouraging residents to stay in town.

"We want to be sure the residents living in the Metro Halifax/Dartmouth area will enjoy the tremendous honour of hosting the 21st G-7 Summit," says Malcolm McKechnie, spokesperson for the HSO. "The city will be alive with a wide range of special events for the entire family as it celebrates the Halifax Summit. It is truly an exciting time for everyone to enjoy."

Residents are invited to Halifax's downtown core during the Summit to participate in Showcase '95, a vibrant and diverse festival featuring entertainment, activities and exhibitions of approximately 100 local artists and groups, and Summit Odyssey. Additional special events will be announced as details are confirmed.

In order to provide the Summit leaders with efficient security while at the same time minimizing inconvenience to residents, there will be a limited restricted zone closed to the general public. Starting on June 14 to June 18, the perimeter of the restricted zone will include the waterfront area from Salter Street to George Street, including, Bedford Row, from Sackville Street to George Street with access points on Hollis Street at Salter Street, Sackville Street and Prince Street. In addition, there will be an access point at the intersection of Lower Water Street and George Street, (please see the attached map). Individuals needing accreditation will be contacted by their employer or the HSO.

"In order to minimize traffic congestion, and in line with our goal of holding a green summit," added Mr. McKechnie, "we are encouraging residents to use public transit during the Summit. I should stress that the Halifax/Dartmouth Ferry will be operating."

The HSO is committed to making the Summit a positive experience for all residents in the Metro Halifax/Dartmouth area. "As access plans are finalized, we will make them public," concluded Mr. McKechnie. "But the bottom line is downtown will be a hub of activity and Nova Scotians should plan on taking part."

The G-7 Summit is a gathering of leaders from the seven largest industrialized nations as well as representatives of the European Union and the Russian Federation. The event will take place in Halifax from June 15-17,1995.

For more information contact:

Malcolm McKechnie
Official HSO Spokesperson
Sue McKeage
Halifax Summit Media Relations