We will have an Info-Centre set up at the Community College to answer your questions. As well, a Daily People's Summit Newspaper will be published in order to keep you up-to-date on the results of workshops and any changes or additions to the program of events. Call the Office Coordinator at 425-5082 or the Volunteer and Media Coordinators at 425-1550.


The Community College is a fully accessible venue. Wheelchair entrances can be found on the North & East sides of the building. Wherever possible we have tried to note if a venue is inaccessible. We recommend calling ahead if you have any specific concerns.


The Community College does have a spacious parking lot, however, we can not guarantee parking, so get there early. As well, at the other People's Summit locations parking is available, but again we cannot guarantee spaces. Feel free to ride your bike.


The cafeteria at the Community College will be up and running for lunch and snacks, as well, we will have outdoor concessions available throughout the week in the Green Zone. We are making every attempt to have organic, vegetarian and a variety of tastes from around the world. Halifax also has a wonderful variety of restaurants to tantalize your taste buds. Check out Quinpool Rd., Spring Garden Rd., and the downtown core.

Computer Facilities

We are making every attempt to have computer facilities available for the use of workshop participants at the Community College. Names of users should be provided in advance.

Child Care

Unfortunately, the People's Summit is unable to set up child care facilities on site. However we do recommend the following options:
"SITTERS R' US" Limited is a quality-controlled professional caregiving referral service, providing care to the Halifax/Dartmouth metro area. Their caregivers have both "hands on" experience as well as formal training. They will provide a variety of services, such as: 1) child care for working parents, 2) needs for special occasions and emergency/respite situations, 3) companionship to the elderly, along with catering to their special needs. "SITTERS R' US will keep a running computer list of all the registered clients and their individual needs and requests. The hourly fee charged to the registered clients will be lower than those who are not registered. Please call 425-7727 for more information.
The YWCA is also able to offer child care facilities at $30 a day with full day care for children aged 18 months to 12 years. Please call at least a week in advance. Call Laura Myers at 423-6162 for more information (spaces may be limited).

Political ponderings...
The G-7 Summit
lasts 48 hours and
costs $28 million!!