The Halifax Initiative

Beyond Fifty Years

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The leaders of the seven leading industrialized nations will meet for the G-7 Summit, a meeting designed to pay particular attention to the failures of the Bretton Woods Institutions (The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund). The task of re-designing the outmoded institutions of half a century ago is already being described as The Halifax Initiative: Beyond 50 Years. This campaign builds on the work of churches, NGOs and grassroots organizations around the world who have been involved in campaigns such as 50 Years is Enough and the United Nations World Summit on Social Development.

A kit has been prepared as a primer on the key issues that will be debated by the G-7 leaders in Halifax. The text for this kit is presented below. A paper copy of this kit is available for $ 3.00 from the Interchurch Coalition on Africa, 129 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ON M4V1N5 (416)927-1124 Fax: (416)927- 7554 e-mail:

Reforming the Bretton-Woods Institutions

Structural Adjustment Programmes

Multilateral Debt: A Growing Crisis

The Tobin Tax: an international tax on foriegn currency transfers

Who put this kit together?


Read about reform recommendations and alternatives in the text above, then Send a message to the Prime Minister Add your voice to the millions of people around the world who are calling for fundamental canges in global economic policies. Write, phone or fax the Prime Minister. Send a copy to your own M.P.

The Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, House of Commons Ottawa, K1A0A6 (613)992-4211 (613)957-5571 (fax)