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Solidarity Village

The G8 meeting on June 26 & 27 of this year in Kananaskis, Alberta presents a challenge to social movements around the world.

This summit of the dominant economies of the world strives to present the G8 vision of the world as one of development and democracy. In fact, it represents an agenda of corporate globalization, which results in the social exclusion of growing millions of people, systemic global poverty, and the degradation of the natural environment, supported by escalating international militarism.

Civil society in Alberta is mobilizing to confront the G8 and present an alternative vision to corporate globalization. We invite people across the country and around the world to join with us in building a festival of resistance to the G8 in Kananaskis.

Solidarity Village will be a microcosm of the possible - a place where we can strategize, tell stories, share regional issues; build long-term coalitions; demonstrate living alternatives to capitalism and teach each other new ways to manifest dissent. Solidarity Village will provide a setting for education, teach-ins, and workshops, and celebrate art, music, and drama as an integral part of building a global popular movement. It will provide a space for convergence, medical and legal aid, independent media, and other support to individuals and groups participating in direct action. It will strive to create a collective, inclusive and diverse space that respects human safety, the environment, and the First Nations people, who have invited us to their land.

Solidarity Village will grow out of the foothills near the summit site of Kananaskis Village. Workshops and training will begin on summer solstice, June 21, and the camp will build to its height the days of the G8 Summit, June 26 and 27.

The Village will be a collective vision, and we call on individuals and groups to participate in the camp by organizing workshops, co-ordinating tents, creating art and music, providing resources, assisting with logistics, or by mobilizing your community to come to Alberta to challenge the G8 with Albertans. We also call on people to act in solidarity with us in Kananaskis by resisting the G8 in their communities, their regions, and their countries.

Basis of Unity
Solidarity Village is organized along the lines of the Basis of Unity adopted through the G8 Spokescouncil process in Alberta:

  1. We are a diverse and dynamic movement, united in our desire for self-determination and a just, equitable society.
  2. We are building local and global alternatives that are open, inclusive, and non-hierarchical.
  3. We assert that the direct participation of people is essential to ensure that society reflects their needs and desires.
  4. We reject the dehumanizing and antidemocratic system perpetuated by institutions like the G8. We reject a world vision where people, environments and culture are only valued as commodities to be exploited for profit.
  5. In order to eliminate the oppressive power of authoritarian structures, we support bold and creative actions that respect the natural environment and human safety.
  6. We encourage the involvement of other individuals and autonomous groups who affirm this basis of unity.

About Kananaskis
Kananaskis Country is a 4,200 square kilometre multiple use area 100 kilometres west of Calgary in the Rocky Mountains.

In addition to the Rocky Mountains, Kananaskis Country contains the largest remaining sample of the Foothills region to be found in the southern Rocky Mountains. The Foothills, a significant ecological feature in Alberta, act as ecological transition zones between the Alpine, the Prairies, and the Boreal Forests. Different regions of Kananaskis Country fulfill important roles as wildlife habitat and corridors, watershed protection, recreational opportunities, and contribute to the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) Conservation Initiative.

Kananaskis is an ecologically diverse region containing bull trout, deer, elk, moose, big horn sheep, mountain goats, black and grizzly bears, wolves and wolverines, and the densest population of cougars found anywhere in North America.

To learn more about the Kananaskis area, please visit www.kananaskisg8.net, where this information comes from.

Camp Timeline
The organization for Solidarity Village is underway.

The Village will run from Summer Solstice (Friday, June 21st) until Friday June 28. The main portion of the Village and the bulk of activities will occur from June 25-27, the day before and the two days of the G8 Summit in Kananaskis Village. From the 21-25, the Village site will be used for training and workshops and the size and nature of events of the Village at this time will depend entirely on the support and involvement of the wider activist community.

Timelines for speakers, musicians and other events will be posted as they are confirmed.

Community FAQ

What is the point of the Solidarity Village?
Solidarity Village is an attempt to bring activists and organizations together to challenge the 2002 G8 Summit in Kananaskis. We want to give activists from all sectors to come together to build and demonstrate alternatives to the G8. We want to create a village where we can learn from one another, where we can build skills, where we can teach, where we can share successes and learn from setbacks, and where we can build solidarity and resistance that will last long past June 27.

When is it happening?
The camp runs from June 21st, summer solstice, and will run until June 28th (unless you want to stay and help take it all down). The height of the camp will be from June 25th to the 27th, the day proceeding and days of the G8 Summit in nearby Kananaskis Village. The number of events and infrastructure which will be available before these dates will depend on the support and participation we receive from the wider community. If you want to help make the Solidarity Village more successful, see how you can get involved.

Where's it going to be?
The Village will be held near Kananaskis Village in the foothills of the Rockies, about 85 km south-west of Calgary. Specifics of the site will be posted on this site in the coming days when details of the layout of the site are available.

What should I bring to the camp?
See the preparedness page on the G8Camp website.

Who is organizing the Solidarity Village?
The Village has grown out of the collaboration of a number of organizations, labour unions, and individual activists who came together to organize an effective movement and alternative to the G8 Summit. These organizations and individuals are involved in different aspects of the Village based on their different mandates but believe in the necessity of a range of approaches in building an effective movement.

Who are the organizations involved?
The list below are the groups who have issued the call-out to come to Kananaskis and are currently involved in organizing the Village. We are looking for more groups and individuals to get involved in the organization of the Village, and groups to endorse it.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada Alberta Federation of Labour Co-Motion Collective EcoCity Environmental Educational Society, Edmonton Council of Canadians Edmonton G8 Planning Collective Calgary G8 Planning Collective Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Calgary District Labour Council

Will it cost me anything to come to Solidarity Village?
The cost of the camp will depend on the amount of support the Village gets from other organizations. There may be a small fee charged for camping facilities, but nobody will be turned away based on an inability to pay.

Do I need to register in advance / R.S.V.P.?
Groups and individuals planning on coming to Solidarity Village do not have to register, though it would be nice if you would endorse us and mention how many you'll be. This will help us greatly in planning the Village facilities. You'll only need to register any workshops or events you're planning to hold at the Village.

How do I get there?
The closest major centre is the City of Calgary, which is about 85 km east of the location of the Village. Information about transportation between Calgary and Solidarity Village will be posted as it becomes available.

What's the weather like in Kananaskis?
It's lovely. June is typically dry and sunny, with temperatures ranging from a low of about 5 degrees Celsius at night to a high in the 20s. Weather is a little unpredictable in the mountains, though.

What else is going on in Alberta for the G8?
Activists and organizations are currently organizing all kinds of events to lead-up to and coincide with the summit. For more information on what is being planned and how you can get involved, visits www.g8.activist.ca.