Summit News, #2 - Tuesday June 15, 1995


Screaming, Dreaming for Human Security

"There is something to dream about and there is something to scream about!"

So remarked Dr. Surendra Patel, keynote speaker at the "Human Security and Development for All" conference held Wednesday, June 14 at Saint Mary's University. He was referring to an approach participants could take in confronting the grim condition

The objective of the conference was to analyze human security prospects for the next century, particularly aspects which relate to the G-7 summit agenda. The participants collectively produced a communique which provided an alternative vision

To an audience of 55, Dr. Patel urged for the consideration of the 1970-1995 era which he labels the Age of Anxiety. This period is characterized by the economic mismanagement by global powers like the G-7 which has given rise to increased unemploym