Press Release from the Youth at the P7

Youth Want World Leaders With Vision

Youth participating at the People`s Summit outlined their concerns regarding poverty and unemployment. It is unfortunate that world leaders will not take a long-term approach in discussing economic issues at the G-7. The youth participating at this conference emphasize the need for leaders to understand that trade is a means not an end! Trade can and should be used to improve the condition of the environment, human rights and democracy. Leaders must begin to integrate these and other social issues with economics. Failure to do so will result in loss of power by governments, and by people. We fear that our future is being mortgaged and that the Earth we will inherit will not be sustainable.

Youth are concerned about jobs and future employment. The current doctrine of fighting inflation with unemployment is frightening because many young people are concerned that this is at the expense of future opportunities. We think that governments are not adequately considering the human costs of unemployment and cuts to social programs. If these issues are not addressed properly, our world will be a bleak one.

Furthermore, youth are concerned about local economic issues of poverty and unemployment. The inability of education to effectively give us the tools to think critically and create self-sustaining communities are at the root of this problem because it means that we lack the ability to develop self-empowerment strategies. If policies of G-7 leaders reduce opportunities for youth in the future, then youth at least must know how to create wealth for themselves and their communities.

Through responsible consumerism our group knows that it is possible to influence the way transnational corporations conduct themselves as major global players. Using these methods people can not only ensure that the do not lose their power, which is threatened, but in fact enhance it. To us, networking and staying basically aware of what is happening elsewhere is the key to contributing to the prosperity of our homes.

Some way of equitably distributing work through workshare, and a more thoughtful concept of workfare would get more people occupying meaningful jobs. Finally, the IMF and the World Bank should embrace a more long-term vision of development and economic sustainability. The youth at the P-7 Summit call upon leaders at the G-7 Summit to practice the politics of inclusivity and hope.

Posted by Information Habitat: 14 June, 1995