SciencePlus Unit Authors

Ontario English Edition

Toronto: Harcourt & Brace, Inc. 1988, 1994

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SciencePlus 7

Science Is... Alan Moore
Living Things Muriel Smyth
Investigating Matter Alan Moore
Chemical Changes Alan Moore
Energy and You John Haysom
Diversity of Living Things (Elizabeth Churcher) & Nan Armour

SciencePlus 8

Solutions Alan Moore
Force and Motion Earl Morrison
Temperature and Heat John Haysom
Work and Energy Earl Morrison
Interactions I: The Abiotic World/Soils Nan Armour
Interactions II: The Biotic World Nan Armour

SciencePlus 9

Particles Alan Moore
Chemical Changes Alan Moore
Light (Al Hammond) & Earl Morrison
Cells Muriel Smyth
Plants Muriel Smyth
Food and Energy Alan Moore

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