SciencePlus Unit Authors

Alberta SciencePlus, Technology and Society (SPTS)

Toronto: Harcourt & Brace, Inc. 1989, 1990

The Alberta Edition used as its starting point the units of the Maritimes and Ontario editions. Additional emphases were given to the interrationships among science, technology and society. Consequently, most units were reconstructed, some units were join ed together and new ones developed with technological, environmental, societal orientations: Structures and Design, Consumer Product Testing. Micro-ogranisms and Food Supplies, Environmental Quality.

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Living Things Muriel Smyth
Force and Motion Earl Morrison
Temperature and Heat John Haysom
Structures and Design Charles (Chuck) McFadden
Changes in the Land Elinor Nicoll
Micro-organisms and Food Supplies Muriel Smyth


Interactions Nan Armour
Solutions Alan Moore
Machines, Work and Energy Earl Morrison
Consumer Product Testing Alan Moore
Face-Lifting a Planet Elinor Nicoll
Growing Plants Muriel Smyth & (Chuck McFadden)


Diversity of Living Things (Elizabeth Churcher) andNan Armour
Chemical Changes Alan Moore
Heat Travel John Haysom
Fluids Alan Moore
Electromagnetics Earl Morrison
Environmental Quality Alan Moore

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