SciencePlus Unit Authors

USA SciencePlus, Technology and Society

Austin, Texas: Holt Rinehart & Winston, Inc., 1993

The U.S. Edition of SciencePlus used, where possible, the Alberta versions of units maintaing some of the additional technological and societal emphases. More units were included in each level. All units were shortened, some renamed, most with sections red eveloped, visuals upgraded and books printed in full colour. Toward the Stars and Continuity of Life are two totally new units and Oceans and Climate is a significant development of Fluids.

The 1997 revision of the U.S. Edition is now available with significant changes in format and appearance as well as in the integration of human biology into many of the units.

There are Spanish Editions of the U.S. versions and trial Japanese translated versions.

For further information on these translations contact Holt Rinehart & Winston, 1120 South Capital of Texas Highway, TX, 78746-6487.

Note: You can email questions or comments about a particular SciencePlus unit directly to the author. Be sure to indicate the unit along with your question.

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Science and Technology Alan Moore
Patterns of Living Things Muriel Smyth
It's a Small World Muriel Smyth
Investigating Matter Alan Moore
Chemical Changes Alan Moore
Energy and You John Haysom
Temperature and Heat John Haysom
Our Changing Earth Elinor Nicoll


Interactions Nan Armour
Diversity of Living Things (Elizabeth Churcher) & Nan Armour
Solutions Alan Moore
Force and Motion Earl Morrison
Structures and Design Charles (Chuck) McFadden
The Restless Earth Elinor Nicoll
Toward the Stars Alan Moore
Growing Plants Muriel Smyth & Chuck McFadden


Life Processes Muriel Smyth
Machines, Work and Energy Earl Morrison
Oceans and Climates Alan Moore
Electromagnetic Systems Earl Morrison
Sound Earl Morrison
Light (Al Hammond) & Earl Morrison
Particles Alan Moore
Continuity of Life Muriel Smyth

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