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Unit - Edition - Author Correlation

Units were revised from edition to edition, often with many modifications. If substantial changes were made in a unit (including its name and additional concepts studied), it is listed separately. Units with overlapping content are marked with an asterisk[*] .

AT - Atlantic Edition AB - Alberta Edition ON - Ontario EditionUS - U.S. Edition

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SciencePlus Unit/Edition/Author Correlation

Science Processes
* Science is.../Science and Technology ON, US Alan Moore
* Excursions in Measurement AT Muriel Smyth
* Investigating Matter ON, US Alan Moore
Energy and You ON, US John Haysom
Solutions AT, ON, AB, US Alan Moore
Chemical Changes AT, ON, AB, US Alan Moore
Particles AT, US Alan Moore
Force and Motion AT, ON, AB, US Earl Morrison
Structures and Design AB, US Charles (Chuck) McFadden
* Work and Energy AT, ON Earl Morrison
* Machines, Work and Energy AB, US Earl Morrison
* Temperature and Heat AT John Haysom
* Heat Travel AT John Haysom
* Temperature and Heat (combination) ON, AB, US John Haysom
Magnetic and Electric Forces AT Earl Morrison
* Current Electricity AT Earl Morrison
* Electromagnetics/Electromagnetic Systems AB, US Earl Morrison
Light AT, ON, US Earl Morrison
Sound AT, US Earl Morrison
Earth Science
The Changing Earth/Our Changing Earth AT, AB,US Elinor Nicoll
Face-Lifting a Planet/The Restless Earth AT, AB, US Elinor Nicoll
Toward the Stars US Alan Moore
* Floating and Sinking AT Alan Moore
* Fluids AB Alan Moore
* Oceans and Climates US Alan Moore
Living Things/Patterns of Living Things AT, ON, AB, US Muriel Smyth
Cells ON Muriel Smyth
Micro-organisms/It's a Small World AB, US Muriel Smyth
Diversity of Living Things AT, ON, AB, US Nan Armour
* Interactions AT, AB, US Nan Armour
* Interactions I: The Abiotic World/Soils ON Nan Armour
* Interactions II: The Biotic World ON Nan Armour

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