The SciencePlus Teachers Network was established to put junior high science teachers, especially those using SciencePlus, in touch with each other. Founded in 1991, SPTN is an activity of the Atlantic Science Curriculum Project, Inc. (ASCPI) which was fo unded almost twenty years ago as a collaborative, grassroots activity to improve science teaching in the junior high grades. The project evolved into a writing team that has produced a series of textbooks called SciencePlus and used in all four Atlantic provinces, Ontario, Alberta and a significant portion of U.S. junior and middle school grades.

The SciencePlus authors want to return the project to the grassroots. To this end ASCPI has established a ASCP/SPTN Home Page which can be accessed through Chebucto Community Net (CCN/cs/dal/ca) or on the World Wide Web through the following URL:

By establishing the SPTN Mailing List, ASCPI wants to engage junior high science teachers in a discussion of science education topics, suggestions for teaching strategies, what works and what doesn't work in SciencePlus, and finally and most importantly, what suggestions you have for future revisions of SciencePlus.

We believe strongly in sharing what we have learned. At the same time, we are convinced that we have much yet to learn about science education. Join with us. Participate in this list and share your ideas, problems and successful techniques. Help us prepar e for the revision of SciencePlus.

Specific questions can be directed to authors of individual units in any of the various editions of SciencePlus. Most of the authors will participate in the discussions.

Welcome. New members are invited to introduce themselves by sending a note to SPTN. Tell us who you are, where and what you teach, whether you use SciencePlus, and anything else you feel fellow science teachers might like to know about you.

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