[NatureNS] Pink-footed Goose DAILY Reports Please & Gray Partridge

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Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 13:35:35 -0300
From: Rick Whitman <dendroica.caerulescens@gmail.com>
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I was contacted, somewhat randomly I'm sure, by an American birder
doing a Big Year. He currently has 729 species, which puts him within
17 species of beating the all-time record as depicted in the movie. He
does NOT have PFGO. John has just returned home (I think) from Gambell
& Nome, Alaska & will be trying to decide whether to come here for the
PFGO. As this decision will be made day-by-day, so to speak, it's
critical that we have updates every day. Positives are great, but
also, if you see by late in the day that there are no positive
reports, & you spent quite a lot of time without seeing the bird, then
a negative report is valuable too. 2-3 days of negative reports likely
equals PFGO gone. Dave Currie has kindly offered to take the lead
hosting role & we'd work together re finding the bird, if it happens.
John's web site is here:


GRAY PARTRIDGE: Surprisingly, John does not have this species in the
729. If anyone in Truro, Colchester Co., or even PEI, knows where this
species can be found virtually every day, with a few hours work, this
could be much appreciated. You could contact Dave or myself or just
post the facts here.

Thanks !! It could be fun to help with the final 17. BTW, it's very
unlikely we'd have any other species of interest but if you're super
keen, go here


 & download the first link on the second line. You won't find much,
but Lapwing for instance comes to mind. The needed species are all
down below the list of 729.

Rick Whitman

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