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	Ten walks are being presented in Halifax this 
weekend as part of  "Jane's Walks",  a nationwide 
programme of city walks in commemoration of the 
work of urban activist Jane Jacobs.   These ones 
should be of particular interest to members of 
this list.  For more info on the others, 
see  http://janeswalk.net/cities/list/category/halifax


	Patricia L. Chalmers

1.  So Where is Freshwater Brook?
Guided by Bill Lewis, Matt Neville, Peggy Cameron
Date Sunday, May 6, 2012
Start Time 12:30 pm
Est. Duration 1.5 hours
Meeting Place: Cunard and Robie on the Common near the bleachers
End Location:  Victoria Park

Bill Lewis, respected indigenous elder, Matt 
Neville, urban planner and writer, and Peggy 
Cameron, generalist and Friends of Halifax Common 
Co-chair, will lead a walk following the 
watercourse of Freshwater Brook from the North 
Common through to Victoria Park.  This little 
know buried stream was once the circulatory 
system of the Halifax Common and will be explored 
as a metaphor for the human attitude towards the natural environment.
!!Note: participants are asked to please bring 5-10 small rocks (5-10 cm)

Presented in partnership with Friends of the Halifax Common.

2.  Urban Flora and Fauna: Life after Death in the Camp Hill Cemetery
Guided by Christopher Majka
Date Sunday, May 6, 2012
Start Time 11:00 am
Est. Duration 1.5 hours
Meeting Place:  Meet at the Summer Street 
entrance to Camp Hill Cemetery at the corner of Sackville Street

Christopher Majka, ecologist and natural 
historian, will lead a guided walk through the 
Camphill Graveyard to explore the flora and fauna 
of this corner of the Common. Plants, animals, 
bird, bugs, and the mysterious glowworm will all 
be encountered in this ecological exploration. 
Learn how the Napoleonic wars are responsible for 
the urban wildlife of Halifax, and of their 
ancient origins in the mountains of the Middle East.

Presented in partnership with Friends of the Halifax Common.

3.  Williams Lake: Historic Community, Recent 
Clearcut & a Threatened Hidden Jewel
Guided by Mark Harrington
Date 	Saturday, May 5, 2012
Start Time 10:00 am
Est. Duration 1.5 hours

This walk will begin at Saint Augustine’s Church 
(290 Purcells Cove Rd.). We will follow a hidden 
historic footpath through Jollimore to the Founding Families cemetery.
Our path meanders along the recent Boscobel 
clearcut, that made headlines this spring, and 
discuss Development woes along the Northwest Arm.

We have also gained access to stroll through the 
renowned gardens of Halls Rd. Century old 
Rhododendrons & Azaleas are just beginning to 
bloom. The gardens are the former home of Captain Dick Steele,
who is considered as one of the great breeders of 
rhodos in North America. The Halls Rd Garden 
Society also has a spectacular plot on the edge 
of Williams Lake, featuring many unique plants.

The walk will have a final loop around the 
Willams Lake forest & Dam. A hidden treasure of 
swimming, fishing & hiking that has been valued 
and utilized by the residents of Halifax for over 
a century and is now being threatened by 
development. Clayton Developments (Shaw Group) 
purchased 300 acres of forest… and the Boscobel 
Clearcut fore-warns potential devastation of these pristine backlands.

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