[NatureNS] Owl Bonanza on Bowater Route!

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I am resending this because it didn't make it through earlier.

Patricia L. Chalmers

>Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2012 11:23:36 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Suzanne Borkowski <suzanneborkowski@yahoo.ca>
>Subject: Owl Bonanza on Bowater Route!
>Hi Everyone;
>Patricia Chalmers and I ran my owl route on Friday night in the 
>Bowater lands at Sandy Lake, Tantallon.  Pat had called me at 
>lunchtime to say the winds were dropping in the evening and could I 
>go?  I always keep a bag packed during owl survey season: warm 
>clothes, flashlight, compass, clipboard, forms, pencil, batteries, 
>extra playback CD and at the last minute I throw in some snacks.  We 
>get pretty hungry by midnight.   So, I jumped in the car and went to 
>scout the route in daylight hours.  I got to see a Barred owl on 
>this excursion.  It flew across the road, landed on a branch, and 
>proceeded to stare at me!  I also saw a flock of White-winged 
>Crossbills and several Hairy Woodpeckers.  There were loads of 
>Robins, Juncos and Mourning Doves, a few Golden-crowned Kinglets and 
>some Chickadees.
>That night the wind dropped completely - not even a "fresh breeze 
>felt on face".  Listening conditions were excellent. We could even 
>hear distant highway traffic from the 103 at stop 3 - about 5 km up 
>the road.  Our first stop produced no owls, but at our second, we 
>had a pair of duetting Barred Owls calling from further up the road 
>- a nice treat!  At our next stop we could hear these two owls 
>behind us; but we also picked up a Northern Saw-whet and a Great 
>Horned.  Four owls in three stops - the night was looking 
>promising!  After that I amwe had owls at every stop.  On two 
>occasions we got good looks at Barred Owls as they flew in and 
>called to us from less than 50 feet away.  Our total for the night 
>was 23 owls: 14 Barred, 10 Northern Saw-whet and one Great Horned; 
>the highest number we've ever had on any of our routes.
>By contrast, other wildlife was scarce.  No Woodcock or Snipe, no 
>hares, no coyotes calling, and no deer.  There were no signs of 
>porcupine or raccoons either. We had Spring Peepers at one stop 
>only, a few loons calling at another, and a small number of Canada 
>Geese.  Again, there were more clearcuts in the woods this year, but 
>they certainly didn't have a negative effect on our owl numbers!
>Any thoughts?

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