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I hope everyone already knows about the meeting on IVORY GULLS  
tonight with Dr. Mark Mallory of Acadia Univ. Biology.  BUT, in  
addition, PLEASE NOTE (re an old request for info' from whom??, re an  
expert on ARCTIC PLANTS) that MARK'S WIFE, CAROLYN (Mallory?), is  
just such an expert.  I can get Mark's and Carolyn's contact info'  
for whomever is looking for such.  The announcement below originated  
from Patrick Kelly, BNS's programmes chair.

P.S. ALL ARE WELCOME AT ALL BNS EVENTS (meetings and nearly all field  

Cheers from Jim in Wolfville.
The regular monthly meeting of the Blomidon Naturalists Society will  
take place Monday, November 19, 2012 at 7:30 PM in Room BAC241 of the  
Beveridge Arts Centre of Acadia University on the corner of Main  
Street and Highland Avenue, Wolfville. Parking is available off  
Highland Avenue, on Acadia Street, and at the parking area around the  
Robie Tufts Nature Centre.

Everyone is welcome.

The main presentation will be: Looking for a White Needle in a Snow- 
covered Haystack: Searching for Canada’s Ivory Gulls by Dr. Mark  
Mallory. The talk summarizes a decade’s work conducting surveys and  
research on Ivory Gulls (Pagophila eburnea), an iconic seabird that  
has recently joined the ranks of Canada’s endangered species. Mark  
will go over the local ecological knowledge that prompted the early  
surveys, the survey results, research into contaminants in gull eggs,  
smoking guns that may be responsible for some of the population  
changes, and up-to-date results of satellite tracking work being  
undertaken by Acadia University MSc candidate Nora Spencer.

Dr. Mark Mallory is the newest Canada Research Chair at Acadia  
University, focusing on coastal wetland ecosystems.  He spent 20  
years as a federal government biologist with the Canadian Wildlife  
Service, working first on acid rain and boreal ecosystems in Ontario,  
before heading North with his family (Carolyn, Conor, Jessamyn and  
Olivia) to Iqaluit in 1999 to work on Arctic seabirds and landscapes.  
Although his overall research program is broad and examines many  
aspects of the ecology of coastal areas, much of his most notable  
work has examined year-round movements of Arctic marine birds, and  
the consequences of their biotransport of nutrients and contaminants  
from marine feeding areas to terrestrial breeding colonies. At  
Acadia, his research locations are split between the Arctic and  
coastal Nova Scotia. MARK'S WIFE CAROLYN is a noted EXPERT ON  
CANADIAN ARCTIC PLANTS, but regularly trundles off with Mark to study  
wild things.

Patrick Kelly
Director of Computer Facilities
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
Dalhousie University
MAIL                                   COURIER
PO Box 15000                           5410 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2           Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada                                 Canada
Phone:(902) 494-3294    FAX:(902) 423-6672   E-mail:patrick.kelly@dal.ca

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