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1 Dec 2012

Ian McLaren and I were with Mike King's NSBS tour for part of the morning.
Some personal highlights (Mike will have group list):

10+ American Pipit - Hartlen Point
2+ Northern Gannets - Hartlen Point
Several Savannah Sparrows & Ipswich Sparrows - Hartlen Point
1 Yellow-breasted Chat & 2 Northern Mockingbirds - southern half of
MacCormack's Lane, Eastern Passage
1 Yellow-breasted Chat & 2 American Tree Sparrow - behind Cole Harbour Funeral
2 Ruddy Ducks, ~20 American Coots, 1 female Northern Pintail, both scaup -
Bissett Lake
1 Gadwall - Sullivan's Pond (from Jeff Ogden)

Tufts Cove - barren of birds
Fairview Old City Dump - nearly barren of birds
Albo Lake - frozen
Red Bridge Pond - frozen

Blake Maybank <bmaybank@gmail.com>
White's Lake, Nova Scotia

My Blog:  *CSI: Life* <http://blakemaybank.com>

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<font size=3D"4"><font face=3D"tahoma,sans-serif">1 Dec 2012<br><br><font s=
ize=3D"4">Ian </font></font></font><font size=3D"4"><span style=3D"padding-=
right:16px;width:16px;height:16px"></span></font><font size=3D"4"><font fac=
e=3D"tahoma,sans-serif"><font size=3D"4"><font size=3D"4">McLaren<font size=
=3D"4"> and I were with Mike King&#39;s NSBS tour for part of the morning.=
=A0 Some perso<font size=3D"4">nal </font>highli<font size=3D"4">ghts (Mike=
 will have group list):<br>

<br><font size=3D"4">10+ Ameri<font size=3D"4">can Pipit - Hartlen Point<br=
><font size=3D"4">2+ Northern Gannets - Hartlen Point<br><font size=3D"4">S=
everal Sa<font size=3D"4">vannah Sparrows &amp; Ipswi<font size=3D"4">ch Sp=
arrows - Har<font size=3D"4">tlen Point</font></font></font></font></font><=

<font size=3D"4">1 Yellow-breasted Chat &amp; 2 Northern Mockingbirds - sou=
thern half o<font size=3D"4">f MacCormack&#39;s Lane, Eastern Passage<br><f=
ont size=3D"4">1 Yell<font size=3D"4">ow-brea<font size=3D"4">sted Chat <fo=
nt size=3D"4">&amp; 2 American Tree Sparrow - behind Cole Harbour F<font si=
ze=3D"4">uneral Home<br>

<font size=3D"4">2 Ruddy D<font size=3D"4">ucks, ~20 American Coots, 1 fema=
le Northern Pintail, bo<font size=3D"4">th scaup</font> - Bissett Lake<br><=
font size=3D"4">1 <font size=3D"4">Gad<font size=3D"4">wall - Sullivan&#39;=
s Po<font size=3D"4">nd (from Jeff Og<font size=3D"4">den)</font></font></f=

<br><font size=3D"4">Tufts Cove - barren <font size=3D"4">of birds<br><font=
 size=3D"4">Fairview Old City Dump - nearly barren of birds<br><font size=
=3D"4">Albo Lake - frozen<br><font size=3D"4">Red Bridge Pond - fro<font si=
ze=3D"4">zen</font></font><br clear=3D"all">

t></font></font></font><br>-- <br><font size=3D"4"><a href=3D"mailto:bmayba=
nk@gmail.com" target=3D"_blank">Blake Maybank</a><br>

White&#39;s Lake, Nova Scotia</font><br>
<font size=3D"4"><br>My Blog:=A0 <a href=3D"http://blakemaybank.com" target=
=3D"_blank"><b>CSI: Life</b></a><span style=3D"padding-right:16px;width:16p=
x;height:16px"></span><span style=3D"padding-right:16px;width:16px;height:1=
6px"></span><span style=3D"padding-right:16px;width:16px;height:16px"></spa=
n><span style=3D"padding-right:16px;width:16px;height:16px"></span><span st=



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