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The skeleton collection at StFX continues to grow with recent contributions
from Nancy Dowd, Alix d'Entremont and Chris Callaghan. I have finished the
skeletons of the Snowy Owl and Turkey Vulture, the Broad-winged Hawk is

The photos aren't great...sorry, they were taken with my iPod.

owl: http://people.stfx.ca/rlauff/photos/snow/IMG_0260.jpg
vulture: http://people.stfx.ca/rlauff/photos/snow/IMG_0459.jpg

Thanks to the many contributors, the bird skeleton collection at StFX now
numbers 139 species (save for one parrot and a peahen, maybe a few others,
they're all native), 356 specimens. To put this in perspective, there are
~180 breeding species in the province (I don't know off hand what the total
number of species recorded is, but we have a number of wintering species
[e.g. Common Redpoll] and vagrants [e.g. egrets, mostly from Tom Kavanaugh
and Steven Bushell, Canso...thanks guys!] in the collection as well.

The collection is strong in feeder birds (sadly, many, including our one
cardinal, due to cat kills) and raptors. Many shorebirds are not
represented at all (snipe, killdeer, woodcock and a few others are), many
sea ducks aren't (e.g. any of the scaup), most pelagics are needed, so are
all the terns.

Anyone who wants to contribute a found-dead bird, or a legally hunted duck
or goose, please get in touch. If you're not sure if it's something we
need, just ask. We, like any organization with a collection, have limited
space and I may not be able to take everything.

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