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Hi Bev:

Count me in to your "half a dozen" or so naturalists who would love to chum along in a loosely affiliated naturalist group.  I've been a member of the Blomidon Naturalists Group for many years (and still am, if I remembered to pay my dues, and will always be), but I often miss out on the meetings and trips due to the long commutes.  I cherish the exchanges with other naturalists (and know virtually nothing about moths), and am always interested in learning new natural history tidbits.  

I've been thinking for some time about offering some natural history forays from the Tupperville Hall for birding, local botany, herps, whatever the topic.  

Let's move this along.  Spring is already upon us!


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Hello all,

Sometime after I first came to Round Hill in summer 2010, I remember asking on NatureNS,  if there was an existing naturalist club in the Annapolis Royal area.  Apparently there was one at one time, but it konked out awhile ago.

What I’m now wondering is whether there are a few naturalists in the area - I think this could be a pretty broad area with Annapolis Royal as a hub — who might like to get together to go for occasional walks or canoe outings, or maybe moth lamp stuff, etc..  

First, I should say what I'm not interested in doing:  I’m not interested in joining a hiking club — been there and done that plenty of times and I’m just not into hiking 10 or 15 km. at a blistering pace without stops to look for insects, herps or to do some botanizing.    I’m also not interested in anything formal like a club with evening meetings as my schedule is pretty filled up with playing celtic music throughout this area.  

This is more along what I’m interested in:   i would like to find a few like-minded people who could communicate via email and propose possible outings on short notice if the weather is looking good or they think there might be something of interest happening at a particular location.  A loose group of us used to do such things when I was back in eastern Ontario and I would like to recreate something along the same lines.  It was always just a case of who felt like going and 2 or more was usually enough.  We didn’t worry about trying to coordinate getting a big gang together as that is often impossible due to people’s schedules.  In truth, smaller groups were usually better anyhow. .  The purpose was for two reasons — partly a safety thing and also because some are excellent at botanizing, while others might be herpers, or birders, and it was just nice to exchange knowledge and identification skills.    I go out a lot on my own as it is, but there are some places that I
 don’t feel entirely comfortable about hiking alone — and I feel somewhat the same about going off alone with my canoe.  Also, I miss the knowledge exchange with naturalist friends.   

Anyhow, I’m tossing the idea out to this group.  I’ll do a bit more asking around among people in my area, but thought I would try this list first.  Really, if even a half dozen people are interested, I think that would be plenty.  If more are interested, all the better.  You can email me off list if interested.

Bev Wigney
Round Hill, NS

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