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Hello all,

Just a reminder that Donna Crossland and I plan to go out on a nature
walk from the Tupperville Hall on Route 201, tomorrow morning, May
14th (Saturday) , beginning at 8:30.   In the event of rain, our rain
date is Sunday, May 15th at the same time.

We've discussed the forecast which predicts showers or rain for both
days, and have decided that if it is just light, intermittent showers
tomorrow morning, we'll probably go out anyhow and at least do a
migratory bird count for the area up behind the hall.  That is our
intention in any case, whether we have others along for the nature
walk, or not.  If others show up, they can accompany us, and if it
clears up, we'd do some more walking.  If the weather turns out to be
truly bad on Saturday, then we'll try to go out on Sunday morning at
8:30 instead.  If Sunday is also bad -- well, I guess we won't be
going out this weekend!

Anyhow, all are welcome to join us. If you're concerned about weather
and want to know our plans as of tomorrow morning, send me an email by
around 7:30 a.m. and I should know what's happening and still be
around the computer to reply (or at least I will try) -- or just take
your chances and show up at the Tupperville Hall by 8:30.
In the event of heavy rain tomorrow, if we decide to cancel and try
for a walk on Sunday instead, I'll post a notice on NatureNS sometime

Hope all of that doesn't sound too confusing.   We figure we'll just
have to wing it and see what happens.  Too bad it's been sunny all
week and now projected to be rainy on the weekend.  Makes it difficult
to make plans!

Bev Wigney
Round Hill, NS

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