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Your email reminded me of another bird of the flycatcher group that I heard
on Tuesday August 2nd, an Alder Flycatcher singing consistently from one
spot along the Mersey River inside the park in the Orde Stillwater.  I
presume its nesting by the frequency of its song and consistency in one

Chimney swifts are typically late nesters, as we know.  My mother's barn
hayloft is host this year to 5 large juvenile chimney swifts, all appearing
ready to fledge and clinging to the barn wall.  It's nice to see maximum
clutch size.  Yet in another barn hayloft in Cherryfield, the swifts are not
nearly as advanced, possibly due to the parents taking out time to build a
brand new nest this year.  I saw 7 swifts flying over head in Tupperville on
August 7th, they returned overhead a couple of times that evening.  There is
a local nest here somewhere in Tupperville.  I thought I found it last
Sunday, but now realize it might have been starlings (?) flying in a chimney
at dusk instead of swifts.  I know that's embarrassing to mention, but I'll
need to return and take a closer look.  (Still a Rookie!)  

I had an active nest of Yellow-bellied sapsuckers near Grafton Lake in Keji
this year, the parents bringing food in the first days of July. (The date is
in my notes at work.)  Those sapsuckers you mention appear to be extremely
tardy.  Lots of tasty insects right now, though.  It would seem to be still
a good time to nest.

I am glad that nesting is pretty well over.  Those forest fires in Keji
yesterday were burning very hot and deep.  It was a very long day on the
fire lines.


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Hi all 
On a little stroll this morning on the Willard Fraser Rd.  Pictou Co, I
found a nest of Easter Phoebe with at least 3 young under a bridge with an
adult seen bringing food. It is not that unusual I don't think for Phoebes
to nest late as they have multiple broods. 

Only 100 m away I also heard the distinct sounds of a nesting woodpecker
begging for food. A little wait showed the nester to be a Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker. I thought this to be on the late side for this species. Tried to
find the breeding season for  sapsuckers in the new Maritime breeding Bird
Atlas but for some reason this info is not included. Also I don't seem to be
able to open the drop-down info from the maritime Breeding Bird Atlas
website where this info was previously available. (Maybe it is my IPad that
can't open this info but everything else in the column appears to open). 

This year I also had my latest nesting Tree Swallow in my yard with the
young probably leaving the nest the morning of August 2 a month later than
the usual date. Fred MacKenzie less than a km up the road also had a similar
late nesting Tree Swallow in a box in his yard. 


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