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Dear All,
    Rather than respond to each of the posts I will try a generic approach.

    First of all, drawing from Mark Twain with a minor twist, I notice that 
the rumor to the effect that traffic on Naturens had died was a grave 

   To get things going all it takes is a few poorly chosen words. So to be 
safe, I will simply quote the passage about Aldo Leopold which I had half 
remembered from National Geographic 160(5):p.703. "Leopold believed that the 
future of American wildlife lay largely on private land, in the attitudes 
and decisions-- wise or unwise-- of American farmers, not in the tape of 
bureaucracy." Amen to that.

    I have been a avid fan of A Sand County Almanac for 61 years and some of 
the first 162 pages, and especially the first 92 are worn from being read 
numerous times. How could anyone improve upon the likes of "And in this 
annual barter of food for light, and winter warmth for summer solitude, the 
whole continent receives as net profit a wild poem dropped from the murky 
skies upon the muds of March "?

     This morning I hauled a load of wood and was delighted to find two 
Garter Snakes in the tier. They took a beating after the winter of 2008-2009 
(?) when about 2" of ice formed between snow and soil which naturally wiped 
out the small rodents and led to no snakes seen there until 2016 (drawing on 

Yt, DW, Kentville


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