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Gnorimella maculosa (Knoch)


Gnorimella maculosa - dorsal habitus.

Gnorimella maculosa (Knoch, 1801) is a Scarab Beetle of the subfamily Trichiinae (Tribe Trichiini). This species was previously recorded in Canada from Ontario and Quebec (McNamara 1991), and from the United States from (at least) New York, Indiana, Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, and Ohio (Downie & Arnett 1996).

Gnorimella maculosa in Nova Scotia

This individual was found in the town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 30, 2002 by Christopher Majka the ground near an open stand of large trees (Red Oak, White Ash, and Sugar Maple). Its discovery in Nova Scotia is a significant range extension (400+ kilometers) for the species. Further investigation is required to determine if there is an insolated population of these beautiful beetles which exist in the Annapolis Valley.

The adults are frequently found on hot days attracted to flowers , particularly those of dogwood (Cornus spp.) and wild roses. [The larvae feed on decomposing wood.]


A brief description: it is 15.2 mm in size, the body (and venter) are densely covered with rufous-coloured pubescence, the elytra is glabrous, but is rufous-coloured with scattered dark maculations. The pronotum is dark brown with scattered paler maculations. The antennae are ten-segmented (the last three flabellate); abdominal sterna are not narrowed medially; hind tarsal claws are of equal length; and hind tibiae have two largish (but unequal) spurs. The clypeus is somewhat emarginate at the apex and is somewhat reflexed.

The most striking feature of the beetle, however, is the brilliant yellow (exposed) pygidium with a broad, wide "U-shaped" black marking along the ventral margin.

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Gnorimella maculosa: dorsal habitus.

Gnorimella maculosa: lateral habitus.

Gnorimella maculosa: pygidium.


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Thanks to both Phillip Harpootlian & Dr. R. E. Woodruff for assistance in identifying the specimen.

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