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Hadromychus chandleri Bousquet & Leschen


Hadromychus chandleri

Hadromychus chandleri - dorsal habitus.

A member of the Endomychidae (the Handsome Fungus Beetles), Hadromychus chandleri was described in 2002 by Yves Bousquet of the Eastern Cereals and Oilseeds Research Centre in Canada and Richard Leschen of Landcare Research in New Zealand. The generic name derives from the Greek word hadros, meaning well-developed (in reference to the enlarged ninth antennomere of the male) and -mychus from the Greek word mychis meaning fungus (in reference to the bionomics of most species in this family which feed on various species of fungi). The specific name honours Don Chandler,a distinguished coleopterist at the University of New Hampshire and collector of two of the specimens.

A second species of this new genus has been found in western North America in Montana, and Idaho and is presently being described by Michael Ivie of Montana State University.

Hadromychus chandleri Bousquet & Leschen

Hadromychus chandleri

Hadromychus chandleri - lateral habitus.

The male holotype (and female paratype) are specimens collected by DeLancey Bishop June 2-15, 1997 at Campbell Hill, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. In their description of the new species Bousquet & Leschen also report additional specimens from Quebec (Johnville), Ontario (Rondeau Provincial Park) and New Hampshire (East Inlet Dam, Coos County & Wonalancet, Carroll County). Additional recent work at the Nova Scotia Museum has revealed an additional specimen (pictured) collected June 1, 1995 at Lorne, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada by Christine Corkum. This is one of only nine specimens of this rarely collected species that are currently known.

It is a small beetle (Bousquet & Leschen (2002) report 2.0-2.2. mm in length, although the specimen from Lorne (a female) is almost 2.4 mm in length) which is distinguished by the greatly expanded ninth antennomere of the male and two pairs of fovae at the base of the pronotum. For subcoxal fovae are present on the first visible abdominal sternite.

Hadromychus chandleri

Hadromychus chandleri - head & pronotum.


Very little is known about the bionomics of this species. The specimens collected at Campbell Hill were found in a mature red spruce forest while the specimen from Lorne is from an old coniferous forest. Bousquet & Leschen report that dissections of a single specimen indicate that the species appears to by mycophagous, like most species in this Family. Collectors in Atlantic Canada should watch for this intriguing species since it would be very valuable to find out more about its ecology and behavior.


Bousquet, Y. & Leschen, R. A. B. 2002. Description of a new genus and species of Endomychidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea) from northeastern North America. Coleopterists Bulletin, 56(2): 291-298.

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