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Litargus tetraspilotus Leconte

The genus Litargus is one of five genera in North America in the family Mycetophagidae, the Hairy Fungus Beetles. The most comprensive systematic treatment of the group is Parsons (1975) posthumous revision of the family. In Atlantic Canada three genera, Litargus (2 species), Mycetophagus (3 species), and Typhaea (1 species) are known to occur.

Pictured below is a specimen of Litargus teraspilotus Leconte, a relatively common species in the region. It is recorded from six counties in Nova Scotia and from Prince Edward Island and likely occurs in New Brunswick (although records are lacking). The specimen was collected in Pt. Pleasant Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where they are moderately abundant in a variety of open and wooded (coniferous forest) habitats. Relatively little is known about the bionomics of this genus. L. tetraspilotus is commonly encountered in mouldy vegetative material.

The labrum is shallowly emarginate, the tarsal formula is 5-4-4, and elytra and pronotum have fine, transverse striolae. L. tetraspilotus has longitudinal rows of punctures. Individuals are 1.5-2.0 mm in length

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Litargus tetraspilotus Litargus tetraspilotus Litargus tetraspilotus Litargus tetraspilotus

Litargus tetraspilotus: Dorsal Habitus

Litargus tetraspilotus: Ventral Habitus

Litargus tetraspilotus: Lateral Habitus

Litargus tetraspilotus: Head & Antennae


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