From Birds of Wallacea

by C. M. N. White and Murray D. Bruce (1986).

Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus)

Lanius cristatus lucionensis Linnaeus 1766
Talaud, Sangihe, N. Sulawesi, Manadotua, Halmahera, Seram

Lanius cristatus superciliosus Latham 1801
Lombok, Flores, Sumba

Extralimital: N Asia, wintering in S Asia, reaching W New Guinea. The Chinese L. c. lucionensis, with a grey crown, has occurred a number of times between Oct and Apr (the Moluccan records are single occurrences). Japanese L. c. superciliosus with a rufous crown, has been recorded between Nov and Apr; the main wintering range is further west but some spill over into the western Lesser Sundas. It may occur more widely in Wallacea but perhaps only from vagrancy.