Single Parent Center (Home of the Guardian Angel)
3 Sylvia Avenue
Halifax, NS
B3R 1J7
Telephone: (902) 479-3031
Fax: (902) 477-2257

Hours Open: N/A
Satellite Offices: No
Bus Routes: #20

Center Location: The Single Parent Center is located in a house, 3 Sylvia Avenue. It is off the Herring Cove Road. There is a small sign on our fence.
Costs: N/A
Center Details: N/A
Program(s): We offer help with resume writing, cover letters, introduction to computers, family literacy programs to help those who need literacy courses and upgrading to make the move into those programs outside our Center. We will offer Internet Access whenever MT&T gets around to installation (trying since May). Our Programs Include: Prenatal Education and Support, the Doula Program, Support to New Moms and Infants, Programs for Parents, Wellness (including Fitness, Infant Massage, Parent Massage), etc.
Clients Served: Most of the people we serve are Pregnant women or young parents. There is no age limit re the parents who use the Center but it is expected that they are pregnant and/or have children 0 - 18 at home.
Restrictions: The access to the Building for the large meeting room by way of the side door but there is no washroom on that floor. We regret that the rest of the building has stairs and there are nor ramps of lifts.
Services Provided: N/A
Facilities Provided: N/A

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