The Nova Scotia Health Survey 1995 was a collaborative effort among many individuals, researchers, and scientists across Nova Scotia and Canada. Planning, budgeting, and decision-making were managed by a Steering Committee. Members of the Steering Committee were:

David MacLean
Co-Principal Investigator, NSHS95 and
Principal Investigator,
Heart Health Nova Scotia
Head, Department of Community
Health and Epidemiology
Dalhousie University

Jeffrey Scott,
Co-Principal Investigator, NSHS95 and
Chief Medical Officer of Health
Nova Scotia Department of Health

Hope Beanlands
Coordinator Communicable Disease
Prevention and Control
Public Health&Health Promotion
Operations and Regional Support Branch
Nova Scotia Department of Health

Anne Cogdon
Project Officer
Heart Health Nova Scotia

Karina Davidson
Adjunct Professor
Departments of Psychology and
Community Health and Epidemiology
Dalhousie University
Assistant Professor
University of Alabama

David Elliott
Medical Consultant
Health Information&Evaluation
Strategic Planning&
Policy Development Branch
Nova Scotia Department of Health

Jane Farquharson
Program Coordinator
Heart Health Nova Scotia

Robert Hood
Research Coordinator
Heart Health Nova Scotia

Bonita LeBlance
Nurse Manager
School Health Program
Public Health Services, Central Region
Nova Scotia Department of Health

Terry Mills
Program Evaluation Analyst
Health Information and Evaluation
Strategic Planning and Policy Development branch
Nova Scotia Department of Health

Hermann Wolf
Professor, Physiology and Biophysics and
Principal Investigator
Halifax County MONICA Project (WHO)
Faculty of Medicine
Dalhousie University

George Kephart
Assistant Professor
Department of Community Health
and Epidemiology
Dalhousie University

Prior to implementing the survey, the content and methodology were critiqued by a panel of leading scientists at a Critical Review Session. Before releasing the survey report, the methods, results and conclusions were reviewed by a Scientific Data Interpretation Committee. Our thanks to members of these panels for their guidance and constructive comments.
Dr. John Farquhar, Ph.D. Chair 2
Scientific Data Interpretation Committee
Director, Stanford Centre for Research
Stanford Medical School
Stanford University
Dr. Ann-Louise Assaf 1
Associate Professor (Rsch)
School of Medicine
Brown University
Dr. Gilles Dagenais 2
Professeur et Président
Département de Médecine
Université de Montréal
Dr. George Fodor 1,2
University of Ottawa
Heart Institute
Ottawa Civic Hospital
Jane Irvine, Ph.D. 1,2
Department of Psychology
Departments of Psychiatry&
Behavioral Science
Toronto General Hospital
Tom Lassater, Ph.D. 2
Assoc. Director and Professor of
Community Health (Rsch)
Division of Health Education
School of Medicine
Brown University
Dr. Brian O'Connor 2
Medical Officer of Health
North Shore Health Department
North Vancouver
Co-Principal Investigator
British Columbia Heart Health Program
Dr. Shaun Peck 2
Deputy Provincial Health Officer
Ministry of Health and Ministry
Responsible for Seniors
British Columbia
Dr. Sylvie Stachenko 2
Director, Preventive Health
Services Division
Health Services and Promotion Branch
Health Canada
Mr. Russell Wilkins 1
Senior Analyst
Occupational and Environmental
Health Research
Canadian Centre for
Health Information
Statistics Canada

1 Member of Critical Review Panel

2 Member of Scientific Data Interpretation Committee

Consultants to the Critical Review Panel and Scientific Data Interpretation Committee

Phillip Connelly
Director of the Core Lipid Laboratory
St. Michael's Hospital
Toronto, Ontario

Mukund Nargundkar
Assistant Director, Special Survey Methods Subdivision
Statistics Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

The Steering Committee gratefully acknowledges Dr. Andres Petrasovits, Chief, Cardiovascular Disease Unit, Disease Prevention Division, Health Canada for his advice and encouragement throughout the project's planning and design, and interpretation of the survey results.

Public Health Nurses from the Nova Scotia Department of Health carried out the field work for the survey. The Steering Committee recognizes and applauds the incredible effort, tenacity, and professionalism of these nurses as they contacted and interviewed the survey respondents. The field staff included:
Karen Blanchard Joan Ingraham Linda Sampson
Linda Dieltgens Cathy Johnson Debbie Sarson
Suzanne Downie Marsha LeBlanc Linda Tatlock
Roberta Earle Barbara Lindthaler Nicole Wallot
Annette Fougere Diana MacDonald Jean White
Faye Fraser Anne MacKenzie Elsie Whitehouse
Shauna MacDonald Grant S. Ann MacKenzie Joanne Wood Landry
Sharon Griffen Joan Mikkelson Mary Rose Wong
Sheila Hamilton Barbara O'Brien Barb Young
Mary Hyland Mary Power

Regional coordination duties were undertaken by nurse managers Heather Christian, Dianne Vaughan, Lynn Berger, Linda Tatlock, and Bonita LeBlanc. A significant contribution to the overall coordination of the field work was made by Bonita LeBlanc, Department of Health Field Coordinator. Acknowledgement is also extended to the community hospitals and health centres who provided clinic facilities and support for blood collection and anthropometric measurements.

Along with members of the Steering Committee, several people contributed significantly to the writing and editing of this report. The first draft was written by Cathy Simpson, editing was completed by Barbara MacKeigan. Ongoing writing and editing was undertaken by Rob Hood, Jane Farquharson, Anne Cogdon and Barbara MacKeigan with invaluable secretarial support by Tina Bakari. Our appreciation is also extended to Barb Lacy and Pan Andreou for running the statistics for the survey data.

In particular, the Steering Committee extends a special thanks to the residents of Nova Scotia who took the time to share valuable information about themselves and their health.

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