Efforts you undertake at your community level will make a real difference to the level of funding health promotion and disease prevention programs will receive. Here are a few suggestions you can undertake in the next three weeks - and beyond - that will serve to move the benefits of health promotion forward. Action taken now can evoke the financial support our communities require to maintain and support these activities.

Make certain you know who your supporters are and who has the power to influence change. That is what will make this initiative

PRESENTATIONS SHOULD NOT BE SELF-SERVING: A clear, focused and factual approach to the many benefits of health promotion and disease prevention will build a stronger case than a personal opinion-based platform. Keep your message simple…state the case and then deliver concrete examples (and economic benefits) that support the issue. 
Your passion for the cause will shine with this non-partisan submission.

PERSONALIZE YOUR MESSAGE: When speaking to your local politicians or media representatives about the long-term benefits of health promotion and disease prevention, try to show examples of how provincial funding for these programs has made a difference in your (THEIR) community. Cite local success stories that have really contributed to the quality of life in your community. 

SECURE A MEETING WITH YOUR LOCAL MLA: When you arrange a meeting with your local MLA, or any other opinion leader in your community, you have seized an opportunity to ensure there is continued (increased) funding for health promotion and disease prevention programs.

ATTEND ALL MEETINGS/PUBLIC FORUMS: Have an advocate (yourself or designate) attend all meetings and/or public forums where individuals can vocalize the benefits of health promotion and disease prevention. Express the concerns you have for the direction our health care system has taken and show concrete ways that health promotion counts!

CONTACT MEMBERS OF YOUR LOCAL MEDIA: Meet with your local newspaper editor, radio and cable news directors to discuss how investments in health promotion and disease prevention can make a difference in your community. Refer to your Heart Health Partnership Media Binder.

DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TO STAY CURRENT- MAXIMIZE YOUR NETWORKS: Your support can affect change and solicit support. Do as much as you are able. You have some great partners and support materials to help you with your efforts. The Heart Health website will offer you information on this Campaign.
Log on to: www.heart-health.ns.ca