Heart Health Questionnaire

Good news!

In the last ten years Nova Scotians have reduced some of their risks for heart disease. However, more action needs to be taken, especially in the ares of smoking prevention, physical activity, and healthy weight.

Here's what we've learned about Nova Scotian's risks for heart disease:

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

What I can change

* the three major risk factors

What I can't change

What can I do?

Take this short quiz to rate your heart health!


  1. Are you a non-smoker who tries to avoid second hand smoke? Yes No

  2. Are you physically active on most days for at least thirty minutes? Yes No

  3. Do you mainly choose lower-fat foods (fruit, vegetables, cereals, lean meat and lower-fat dairy products) at home, at work and in restaurants? Yes No

  4. Do you try and keep your weight in a health range by exercizing and eating less fat? Yes No

  5. Do you drink alcohol moderately (maximum of 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day) or not at all? Yes No

  6. Are you coping well with stress in your life? Yes No

  7. Do you have friends of family to turn to if you need help? Yes No

  8. If you have high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol are you trying to lower it by exercising and eating healthy foods? Yes No

Number of Yes':

What's the state of your heart health?