Create A Secure, Easily Remembered Password

Here are some other tips on how to create passwords that are really tough to guess but easy for them to remember.

A favorite method is to take two syllables and string them together, which makes it easy to remember. Often two small words - like gotman. Numbers and Capitalization increase the security - like "toDa9s" ;-)
Here's another tip on choosing passwords: make your password out of the initial letters of the words of an easy-to-remember phrase. Of course, you have to make sure that the phrase is not too common. You can also mix upper and lower case.
Example: your phrase "Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches stick to the roof of my mouth" would give you the password "pbajssttromm".
Use the phone number of an out of town friend, or an unusual river or town name with which you have no well known personal connection. Translations of native words or mangled foreign spellings are particularly good.
Some people prefer to find a rarely-used word or company/product name and randomly select O's and o's to change into 0's, and I's and i's to change into 1's--not all of them, just some of them. A really good idea when you need maximum security is to mix together unrelated words--i.e. 1nvisible-retro-evil or something like that.
Your password can be a mixture of upper case, lower case alphabetical or numeric characters. It can not have fewer than 6 (six) characters and should not be a dictionary word.
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