As reviewed by Paul MacKenzie (ap994)

8 N 1, full duplex, 14,400 bps (19,200 bps computer)
Best Data Smart One 1442FX - 14400 bps fax/modem
Navigating Chebucto Community Net with Lynx
QCom - DOS- by RTFM Software (rtfm@xpressnet.com) qcom330.zip and I believe now available for WIN '95. Shareware ($39.95) with the following features: - Easy modem setup ; mouse support offline - Easy configuration and user menu - Auto Script maker; Auto d/u trigger for Z-modem; Auto send, Auto Hangup, Auto End; File tagging for batch uploads; - Protocols include Ascii, X, Y, Z and externals - Offline mail reader; Function keys and Alt-key macros - Emulations: TTY, ANSI, VT100 - Mini-BBS QCom host and more This is the only program among the many I have tried that works properly with CCN. I have it set to ANSI and can use all direction keys, the numberpad and others with no problem. I am not a power user so can't comment personally on writing macros and various scripting. This works just fine for my small system and pretty basic needs. Troublefree and user friendly.
Email using PINE
No problems.
News using TIN
No comment on TIN
File Transfers using Kermit
File Transfers using Zmodem