Losing your connection after you've logged in

Here is a list of suggestions that may help prevent unexpected disconnections.
1) Ensure the problem is truly caused by 'loss of carrier'.
a) Check your modem and software configuration. Enable the verbose connect message of your modem to verify that it is making an optimal connection.
b) The CCN modem bank will automatically disconnect at the expiry of your login period.
2) Disable 'call waiting' before dialing out on your modem.
The audible 'call waiting' signal may cause your modem to disconnect.
3) Do not to pick up other telephone extensions in the house
You'll need to coordinate modem phone use with others in your household. The 'click' that happens when an extension is taken off the hook and then replaced can cause a modem to disconnect.
4) Swap cables and try alternate phone sockets
a) The cable between your modem and the phone socket on the wall could possibly have a weak wire or connector. Corrosion may be the problem so carefully inspect the modular connector for misalignment or heavy oxidation. Exchange the phone cable with a different one. Check to make sure that the cable ends are fully seated in the modem and in the wall socket.
b) If you have more than one phone jack, you may want to try your modem in a different phone socket.
5) Call the telephone company
If you are satisfied that the problems is not with your system ask the telephone to run some diagnostics on your phone line to test for noise. They typically will give disclaimers about 'in house wiring', etc, but they may agree test your line for noise. You can also request that they move your circuit to a different cable pair (sometimes, re-termination or re-location of your cable pair can reduce noise problems).Warning 1)You may be assessed a service charge if any of your equipment was responsible. 2)They may attempt to sell you a much more expensive data line service
6) Make an appointment to test your modem with a knowledgeable friend or your vendor.

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