CCN is now using Lynx 2.7.1 as its Web browser. This release fixes many bugs and introduces some new features not found in the old version, 2.4FM.

New Keys

There are a few important additions and changes to the keymap.

Control + K now shows the Lynx Cookie Jar. It no longer deletes the current line in a form; use Control + U instead.
Control + U deletes the current line in a form entry screen.
A lowercase v will still take you to your bookmarks, but uppercase V will now show you the Visited Links page. This is a list of all the links you've followed this session and is similar to the historY page.
(, ), [, ]
The ( and ) keys will move you up/down half a screen. [ and ] will scroll two lines at a time.
If you've logged into a password-protected site on the Web, and you want to log into it as another user, press the underscore key (_) to clear your name and password.

There are other new keys you can try if you're bored/adventurous.
To see a complete list of command keys from Lynx, press k.

Frames Support

Lynx now supports frames, which allow a webmaster to show two separate webpages on the screen at the same time (for example, a Table of Contents on the left and the actual text on the right). When you encounter a page with frames you'll see something like this at the top:


New s)ettings Screen

New [go files] Features

Other New Features