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XV. Information Providers:

     Being a Community Net, CCN serves the community in many ways.  One 
special way is providing much needed promotional and information space 
for non-profit organizations, especially those with limited budgets and 
cannot afford commercial provider rates.

What is an Information Provider?
     An Information Provider (IP) provides public information on the
Chebucto Community Net and must maintain it so that it is always
up-to-date, and promptly respond to questions and comments from those who
view the pages. 
     The IP can be a public or community organization, like:

     * A government agency that wants to make its information available
       to the public.

     * A society that wants to communicate with its members

     * A small focus group dealing with a hobby, community issues, or
       other common interest.

     * A community service agency, like United Way, or Canadian Mental
     There is a registration and approval process to become an IP, and a
commitment is needed to maintain the information as an ongoing public 
service.  There are no fees for the IP application, not for training or 
support, but we do need your donations to ensure our ongoing service to you.

Who can become an Information Provider?
     * Any organization that wants to provide a community service and
       respond to public queries.
     * Any person who wants to share knowledge and provide a service.
Benefits of Being an IP
     * A low cost way to publish information. No paper and printing
       costs, and very low distribution costs. There is only a single
       electronic copy, stored on CCN's equipment.

     * CCN gives free electronic access to IP material.

     * Large institutions can use CCN as an added outlet for their
       material that is already seen in other media,

     * Smaller groups can use the system as their first entry into

     * CCN helps the IP set up and maintain their site, gives training on
       how to maintain information, and provides help with the first
       upload of files.

     * There are no fees for these services, but a donation to CCN would
       be welcomed.
What is involved in becoming an IP
     * Costs
          + Need a computer and a modem
          + Need a phone line that can be shared
          + Direct cost is whatever your group can afford to donate to
            CCN to help maintain

     * Time needed
          + the time to train someone on how to enter and update the
            information (two days spread over a few weeks)
          + the time required to answer email comments or questions that
            users may have
          + The time needed at times to update your material.
What might an organization include in its pages?
     * Its goals
     * Services it provides
     * Activities it sponsors or conducts
     * Contact persons: address, numbers, fax and phone...
     * Email cantacts to answer questions and give help.
     * resource material
     * databases -- it may be possible to have users connect to an
       organization's own computer database
     * calendar of events
     * public announcements or news releases
     * minutes of meetings. (They can be read by the general public, or
       restricted to a certain group of users)
     * records of events; like results of last week's fund raiser, or
       auto rally

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