CSuite Visit Statistics using urlstats

urlstats -- reports visits to your pages


Running the urlstats script produces a page containing the number of times a page (or group of pages) on the Chebucto Community Net was visited yesterday, this month, and last month.

In general, to see how often any page or pages on the Chebucto Community Net have been visited recently, write a link following this pattern:

<a href="http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/cgi-bin/urlstats?somefilepath">
Recent visits to somefilepath</a>
In the above pattern, replace "somefilepath" with the directory and/or filename of the page or pages you want to count visits to. A number of examples are given below.


To display the number of times people have accessed your own public_html pages, use the following URL:
The symbol "ME" stands for your account. It is typed exactly as shown in the above URL and is automatically replaced by urlstats during the search with your account name.

For other pages on the Chebucto Community Net, give the path of the document or documents relative to the info root (that is, the "top" directory under which all public CCN pages reside).

Note that either a specific file may be named or a directory. The urlstats script gives statistics for all URLs with filepaths that begin with the text that you give as the parameter (that is, what appears after the question-mark). So if a directory is given, visits to all files on that directory and in any subdirectories below it will be counted, whereas if a specific file is given, only visits to that file are counted.

If no parameter is given, the user will be prompted to type in the URL to search for, as follows:

This will take you to a page that says "Enter a CCN URL". The status line at the bottom will read "This is a searchable index. Use / to search". At this point, you type "/", and the status line will read "Enter a database query: ". Simply enter the file path of the file or files for which you want to count visits.
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