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The bast way you can learn about the World Wide Web is to plunge in!

To help get you started we have compiled a Page of Links of site which we think are noteworthy and of interest to people in the Atlantic Region.

These are all sites run by community organizations and other groups in this area. Visiting them will give you an understanding, not only of how the technology of the World Wide Web works, but also of its power to foster speedy communication.

The World Wide Web is a new kind of 'community' or 'network', one which utilizes new technologies but in the service of perennial values - those of binding communities together around shared goals and values. The Web dissolves geographical and other barriers and lets people of all ages and cultures and in all places learn what one another are doing.

Moreover, there is a place here for everyone to make a contribution. You, too, are part of the World Wide Web and now that you are using it you have a chance to contribute to its growth and content.

So, what are you waiting for: Plunge In! The water's fine once you get in!

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