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Section 3 - Some Experiments to Try!

Below are some links to a number of popular search engines. A good exercise is to select one subject that you would like to search for and then try finding it with as many of the following search engines as you have time.

Note the similarities and differences between the approaches of the different search engines.

Also note the results that you receive. Are the matches you receive from various search engines quite similar, or are they very different?

Selecting one of the search engines, try looking for a certain topic in several different ways. For instance, if you were interested in the aboriginal reindeer herding culture of Scandinavia, you could try searching under:

  1. reindeer herding
  2. Sami
  3. Norway + aboriginal
  4. caribou + Scandinavia

And look to see how the results you obtain vary. Look to see what information you can find on the World Wide Web as opposed to that which might be available on Usenet.

Search Engines

There are other kinds of search engines on the Internet that allow you to find Mailing Lists, Usenet Groups, Email addresses, Telephone Numbers, Information on People, Resources in Gopherspace, etc. The Chebucto Community Net maintains a directory of some of these as part of its Web Button. As you grow more confident with your abilities on the Internet you might want to investigate some of these resources to see how they can be beneficial to you.

There are still other ways in which you can search for information on the World Wide Web. For instance the Chebucto Community Net also maintains a local Search Utility. By following this link you can use a keyword search to look for words or phrases in the Chebucto Community Net Internet Guide and Tutorial. Give it a whirl!

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