Septs of the Clans: A

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

[Long Marble Green Line]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
        Abbot                         MacNabe
        Abbotson                      MacNab
        Abbott                        MacNab
        Abernethy                     MacDuff
        Abernethy                     Fraser
        Abernethy                     Leslie
        Adam                          Gordon
        Adams                         Gordon
        Adamson                       Mackintosh
        Adamson                       MacIntosh
        Adamson                       Gordon
        Addie                         Gordon
        Addison                       Gordon
        Adie                          Gordon
        Agnew                         Douglas
        Aiken                         Gordon
        Airlie                        Ogilvie (Ogilvy)
        Airth                         Graham of Menteith Septs
        Aitchison                     Gordon
        Aitken                        Gordon
        Alastair                      MacAlister
        Alastair                      MacDonnell (of Glengarry)
        Alastair                      MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Alcock                        MacDonald (of Clanranald)
        Alexander                     MacDonnell (of Glengarry)
        Alexander                     MacDonald
        Alexander                     MacAlister
        Alison                        MacDonald (of Clanranald)
        Alison                        MacAlister
        Alistair                      MacAlister
        Allan                         MacKay
        Allan                         MacFarlane
        Allan                         Grant
        Allan                         MacDonald (of Clanranald)
        Allanach                      MacFarlane
        Allanson                      MacKay
        Allanson                      Grant
        Allanson                      MacDonald (of Clanranald)
        Allanson                      MacFarlane
        Allardice                     Graham of Menteith
        Allardyce                     Graham of Menteith Septs
        Allen                         MacFarlane
        Allen                         MacDonald (of Clanranald)
        Allison                       MacFarlane
        Allison                       MacAlister
        Allister                      MacAlister
        Allister                      MacDonnell (of Glengarry)
        Allister                      MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Alpin                         MacAlpine
        Anderson                      Anderson
        Anderson                      Ross
        Anderson                      MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Andison                       Ross
        Andrew                        Ross
        Andrew                        Anderson
        Andrews                       Ross
        Angus                         MacInnes
        Archibald                     MacPherson
        Armstrong                     Armstrong
        Arrol                         Hay
        Arrowsmith                    MacGregor
        Arthur                        MacArthur
        Arthurson                     MacArthur
        Askey                         MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Atkin                         Gordon
        Atkins                        Gordon
        Atkinson                      Gordon
        Aulay                         MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Aulay                         MacAulay (either Clan)
        Austin                        Keith
        Ayson                         MacKintosh
        Ayson                         MacIntosh
        Ayton                         Home
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[Thin Rainbow Line]
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