Septs of the Clans: B

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

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        Baillie                       Baillie
        Bain                          MacBean
        Bain                          MacKay
        Baird                         Baird
        Bairnson                      Matheson
        Ballach                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Ballantyne                    Campbell
        Ballantyne                    Stuart
        Balloch                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Balneaves                     Murray
        Bannatyne                     Stuart of Bute
        Bannatyne                     Campbell of Argyll
        Bannerman                     Forbes
        Barclay                       Barclay
        Bard                          Baird
        Baron                         Rose
        Barrie                        Gordon
        Barrie                        Farquharson
        Barron                        Rose
        Bartholomew                   Leslie
        Bartholomew                   MacFarlane
        Bartie                        MacFarlane
        Bartleman                     MacFarlane
        Bartlet                       MacFarlane
        Bartlett                      MacFarlane
        Barty                         MacFarlane
        Baxter                        MacMillan
        Bayne                         MacKay
        Bayne                         MacBean
        Bean                          MacBean
        Beath                         MacLean (of Duart)
        Beath                         MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Beaton                        MacLeod (of Harris)
        Beaton                        MacLean (of Duart)
        Beaton                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Beaton                        MacBeth
        Beattie                       MacBean
        Beattie                       MacBeth
        Beatty                        MacBeth
        Begg                          MacDonald
        Begg                          Drummond
        Bell                          MacMillan
        Belton                        MacBeth
        Berery                        Forbes
        Berkeley                      Barclay
        Berrie                        Forbes
        Berry                         Forbes
        Bethune                       MacLeod (of Harris)
        Bethune                       MacBeth
        Bethune                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Beton                         MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Beton                         MacLeod (of Harris)
        Beton                         MacBeth
        Bey                           MacLean
        Binnie                        MacBean
        Binning                       MacBean
        Bisset                        Grant
        Bisset                        Fraser
        Bissett                       Grant
        Bissett                       Fraser
        Black                         MacGregor
        Black                         MacLean (of Duart)
        Black                         Lamont
        Blackie                       Lamont
        Blaik                         Lamont
        Blaikie                       Lamont
        Blair                         Graham of Menteith Septs
        Blake                         Lamont
        Blue                          MacMillan
        Bonar                         Graham of Montrose Septs
        Bonnar                        Graham of Montrose Septs
        Bontein                       Graham of Menteith Septs
        Bontine                       Graham of Menteith Septs
        Bouchannane                   Buchanan
        Bourdon                       Lamont
        Bower                         MacGregor
        Bowers                        MacGregor
        Bowie                         MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Bowie                         Grant
        Bowmaker                      MacGregor
        Bowman                        Farquharson
        Boyce                         Forbes
        Boyd                          Stewart (Royal)
        Boyes                         Forbes
        Brebner                       Farquharson
        Bremner                       Farquharson
        Brewer                        Drummond
        Brewer                        MacGregor
        Brewster                      Fraser
        Brieve                        Morrison
        Brodie                        Brodie
        Brodie                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Brody                         Brodie
        Broun                         MacMillan
        Broun                         Lamont
        Brown                         MacMillan
        Brown                         Lamont
        Bruce                         Bruce
        Brus                          Bruce
        Bryce                         MacFarlane
        Bryde                         Brodie
        Brydie                        Brodie
        Buchan                        Buchan
        Buchan                        Cumming
        Buchan                        Cumin
        Buchanan                      Buchanan
        Budge                         Sinclair
        Budge                         MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Buie                          Grant
        Buie                          MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Bulloch                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Buncle                        Home
        Bunkle                        Home
        Bunson                        MacDougall
        Buntain                       Graham of Menteith Septs
        Bunten                        Graham of Menteith Septs
        Buntine                       Graham of Menteith Septs
        Bunting                       Graham of Menteith Septs`
        Burden                        Lamont
        Burdon                        Lamont
        Burk                          MacDonald
        Burnes                        Campbell
        Burness                       Campbell
        Burnett                       Campbell
        Burns                         Campbell
        Buyers                        Lindsay
        Byers                         Lindsay
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[Thin Rainbow Line]
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