Septs of the Clans: D

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

[Long Marble Green Line]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
        Dallas                        Mackintosh
        Dallas                        MacIntosh
        Dalyell                       Dalzell
        Dalzell                       Dalzell
        Dalziel                       Dalzell
        Daniel                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Daniels                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Darg                          Gordon
        Darge                         Gordon
        Darrach                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Darroch                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Davey                         Davidson
        Davidson                      Chattan (MacPherson Group)
        Davidson                      Davidson
        Davie                         Davidson
        Davis                         Davidson
        Davison                       Davidson
        Dawson                        Davidson
        Day                           Davidson
        Dea                           Davidson
        Dean                          Davidson
        Deane                         Davidson
        Deas                          Davidson
        Deason                        Davidson
        Dennison                      MacGregor
        Dennison                      Stewart
        Denniston                     Stewart
        Denoon                        Ross
        Denoon                        Campbell
        Denson                        MacGregor
        Denune                        Campbell
        Denune                        Ross
        Deuchar                       Lindsay
        Deuchars                      Lindsay
        Dewar                         MacNab
        Dewar                         Menzies
        Dewar                         Buchanan
        Dewar                         MacArthur
        Dey                           Davidson
        Dickison                      Keith
        Dickson                       Keith
        Dingwall                      Munro
        Dingwall                      Ross
        Dinnes                        Innes
        Dinsmore                      Murray
        Dis                           Skene
        Dise                          Skene
        Dixon                         Keith
        Dixson                        Keith
        Dobbie                        Robertson
        Dobbin                        Robertson
        Dobie                         Robertson
        Dobieson                      Robertson
        Dobinson                      Robertson
        Dobson                        Robertson
        Dochart                       MacGregor
        Docharty                      MacGregor
        Docherty                      MacGregor
        Dock                          Drummond
        Doig                          Drummond
        Doles                         Mackintosh
        Doles                         MacIntosh
        Donachie                      Robertson
        Donachie                      Campbell
        Donaghy                       Campbell
        Donald                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Donaldson                     MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Donillson                     MacDonald
        Donleavy                      Buchanan
        Donlevy                       Stewart of Appin
        Donlevy                       Buchanan
        Donnaghy                      Robertson
        Donnell                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Donnellson                    MacDonald (of Antrim)
        Dorward                       Gordon
        Dougal                        MacDougall
        Dougall                       MacDougall
        Douglas                       Douglas
        Douglas                       Lamont
        Douglass                      Douglas
        Dove                          Buchanan
        Dove                          Buchanan
        Dow                           Davidson
        Dow                           Buchanan
        Dowall                        MacDonald
        Dowall                        MacDougall
        Dowe                          Buchanan
        Dowell                        MacDougall
        Dowie                         MacGregor
        Dowie                         Cameron
        Downie                        Lindsay
        Drain                         MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Drummond                      Drummond
        Drysdale                      Douglas
        Duff                          MacDuff
        Duff                          Duff
        Duff                          Gordon
        Duffes                        Sutherland
        Duffie                        MacFie
        Duffus                        Sutherland
        Duffy                         MacFie
        Dugal                         MacDougall
        Dugald                        MacDougall
        Duilach                       Stewart of Atholl
        Duilach                       Stewart of Garth
        Dunbar                        Murray
        Dunbar                        Dunbar
        Dunbar                        Home
        Duncan                        Robertson
        Duncanson                     Robertson
        Dundas                        Dundas
        Dunnachie                     Robertson
        Dunnel                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Dunsmore                      Murray
        Durward                       Gordon
        Duthie                        Ross
        Dyas                          Skene
        Dyce                          Skene
        Dye                           Davidson
        Dye                           Skene
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[Thin Rainbow Line]
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