Septs of the Clans: F

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

[Long Marble Green Line]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
        Faed                          MacLaren
        Fair                          Ross
        Fairbairn                     Armstrong
        Fairlie                       Rose
        Falconer                      Keith
        Farquhar                      Farquharson
        Farquharson                   Cumming
        Farquharson                   Farquharson
        Farquharson                   Chattan (MacIntosh Group)
        Federith                      Sutherland
        Fee                           MacFie
        Fenton                        Chisholm
        Fergie                        Ferguson
        Fergus                        Ferguson
        Ferguson                      Ferguson
        Fergusson                     Ferguson
        Ferries                       Ferguson
        Ferries                       Farquharson
        Fersen                        MacPherson
        Fife                          Duff
        Fife                          MacDuff
        Finalison                     Farquharson
        Findlater                     Ogilvie
        Findlay                       Farquharson
        Findlayson                    Farquharson
        Finlay                        Farquharson
        Finlayson                     Farquharson
        Fisher                        Campbell
        Fleming                       Murray
        Fletcher                      Fletcher
        Fletcher                      MacGregor
        Forbes                        Forbes
        Fordyce                       Forbes
        Forest                        Douglas
        Forgie                        Ferguson
        Forrest                       Douglas
        Forrest                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Forrester                     MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Forsyth                       Lamont
        Forsyth                       Forsyth
        Fotheringham                  Lindsay
        Foulis                        Munro
        Fowlis                        Munro
        France                        Stewart
        Francis                       Stewart
        Fraser                        Fraser
        Frazer                        Fraser
        Fresell                       Fraser
        Freser                        Fraser
        Frew                          Fraser
        Frezel                        Fraser
        Friscal                       Fraser
        Frisell                       Fraser
        Frissell                      Fraser
        Frizel                        Fraser
        Frizell                       Fraser
        Frizelle                      Fraser
        Fullarton                     Stuart of Bute
        Fullarton                     Stewart
        Fullerton                     Stuart
        Fullerton                     Stuart of Bute
        Futhie                        Ogilvie
        Fyfe                          MacDuff
        Fyfe                          Duff
        Fyffe                         MacDuff
[New Scotland (Nova Scotia) -=- Where the Heart is Still Highland!]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
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