Septs of the Clans: L

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

[Long Marble Green Line]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
        Lachie                        MacLachlan
        Lachlan                       MacLachlan
        Laidlaw                       Scott
        Laikie                        MacGregor
        Laing                         Gordon
        Laing                         Colquhoun
        Laing                         MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Lair                          MacLaren
        Lamb                          Lamont
        Lambie                        Lamont
        Lammie                        Lamont
        Lammond                       Lamont
        Lamond                        Lamont
        Lamondson                     Lamont
        Lamont                        Lamont
        Landale                       Home
        Landels                       Home
        Landers                       Lamont
        Lang                          MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Lang                          Leslie
        Lang                          Gordon
        Langlands                     Scott
        Lansdale                      Home
        Larnach                       Stewart of Atholl
        Larnach                       MacLaren
        Larnack                       Stewart of Atholl
        Lauchlan                      MacLachlan
        Lauder                        Lauder
        Laurence                      MacLaren
        Laurenson                     MacLaren
        Laurie                        Gordon
        Law                           MacLaren
        Lawrence                      MacLaren
        Lawrie                        MacLaren
        Lawrie                        Gordon
        Lawson                        MacLaren
        Lay                           Stewart
        Lean                          MacLean
        Leaper                        MacFarlane
        Leary                         MacIntosh
        Leary                         MacPherson
        Leary                         Cameron
        Leavy                         Buchanan
        Leay                          Stewart of Appin
        Leckie                        MacGregor
        Lecky                         MacGregor
        Lees                          MacPherson
        Leipper                       MacFarlane
        Leitch                        MacBeth
        Leitch                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Lemmon                        Lamont
        Lemond                        Lamont
        Leng                          Gordon
        Lennie                        Buchanan
        Lennox                        MacFarlane
        Lennox                        Stewart
        Lenny                         Buchanan
        Leslie                        Leslie
        Lesslie                       Leslie
        Levack                        Stewart of Appin
        Lewis                         Stuart
        Lewis                         MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Leys                          Farquharson
        Limond                        Lamont
        Limont                        Lamont
        Lindsay                       Lindsay
        Linklater                     Sinclair
        Lisle                         Stewart
        Livingston                    Livingston
        Livingston                    Stewart of Appin
        Livingston                    MacDougall
        Livingstone                   Stewart of Appin
        Livingstone                   MacDougall
        Livingstone                   Livingston
        Lobban                        MacLennan
        Lobban                        Logan
        Lockerbie                     Douglas
        Lockerby                      Douglas
        Logan                         MacLennan
        Lombard                       Stewart
        Lonbie                        Cameron
        Lonie                         Cameron
        Lorne                         Stewart of Appin
        Lorne                         Campbell
        Louden                        Campbell
        Loudon                        Campbell
        Loudoun                       Campbell of Loudoun
        Love                          MacKinnon
        Low                           MacLaren
        Lowden                        Campbell
        Lowdon                        Campbell
        Lowe                          MacLaren
        Lowson                        MacLaren
        Loy                           Stuart
        Lucas                         MacDougall
        Lucas                         Lamont
        Luck                          Lamont
        Luckie                        Lamont
        Luke                          Lamont
        Lumbard                       Stewart
        Lumgair                       Keith
        Lumsden                       Forbes
        Lyall                         Sinclair
        Lyle                          Stewart
        Lyon                          Lamont
        Lyon                          Farquharson
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[Thin Rainbow Line]
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