Septs of the Clans: M

[Provincial Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)] Tartan of New Scotland (Nova Scotia); Click to enlarge [jpeg:10K]

[Long Marble Green Line]
[Thin Rainbow Line]
        Macgrath                      MacRae
        Magnus                        Gunn
        Main                          Gunn
        Malcolm                       Malcolm
        Malcolmson                    Malcolm
        Malcolmson                    MacLeod of Raasay
        Malcolmson                    MacLeod (of Lewis)
        Malloch                       MacGregor
        Malloy                        Stuart
        Mann                          Gunn
        Manson                        Gunn
        Manus                         Gunn
        Marchbanks                    Johnstone
        Marchbanks                    Johnston
        Marjoribanks                  Johnstone
        Marjoribanks                  Johnston
        Mark                          MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Marnoch                       Innes
        Marquis                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Marr                          Gordon
        Marshall                      Keith
        Martin                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Martin                        Cameron
        Massey                        Matheson
        Massie                        Matheson
        Masters                       Buchanan
        Masterson                     MacInnes
        Masterson                     Buchanan
        Matheson                      Matheson
        Mathie                        Matheson
        Mathieson                     Matheson
        Matthewson                    Matheson
        Maver                         Gordon
        Mavor                         Gordon
        Mavor                         Innes
        Maxwell                       Maxwell
        May                           MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Meanies                       Menzies
        Means                         Menzies
        Mechie                        Forbes
        Mechie                        MacDonnell (of Keppoch)
        Meekison                      MacDonnell (of Keppoch)
        Meikleham                     Lamont
        Meiklem                       Lamont
        Mein                          Menzies
        Meine                         Menzies
        Mekie                         Forbes
        Mekie                         MacDonnell (of Keppoch)
        Meldrum                       Forbes
        Meldrum                       Gordon
        Mengues                       Menzies
        Mennie                        Menzies
        Menteith                      Stewart
        Menteith                      Graham of Menteith
        Menzies                       Menzies
        Meyners                       Menzies
        Michael                       MacDonnell (of Keppoch)
        Michie                        MacDonnell (of Keppoch)
        Michie                        Forbes
        Michieson                     MacDonnell (of Keppoch)
        Middleton                     Innes
        Middleton                     Forbes
        Mill                          Gordon
        Mill                          Innes
        Mill                          Ogilvie
        Millar                        MacFarlane
        Miller                        MacFarlane
        Milloy                        Stuart
        Mills                         Gordon
        Miln                          Gordon
        Milne                         Gordon
        Milne                         Innes
        Milne                         Ogilvie
        Milne                         Ogilvy
        Milnes                        Gordon
        Milroy                        MacGillivray
        Minn                          Menzies
        Minnus                        Menzies
        Mitchell                      Stewart of Appin
        Mitchell                      Innes
        Mitchelson                    Stewart of Appin
        Moir                          Gordon
        Monach                        MacFarlane
        Monro                         Munro
        Monroe                        Munro
        Monteath                      Stewart
        Monteath                      Stewart
        Monteath                      Graham
        Monteith                      Stewart
        Monteith                      Graham of Monteith
        Montgomerie                   Montgomery
        Montgomery                    Montgomery
        Monzie                        Menzies
        Moodie                        Stewart
        Moody                         Stewart
        Moray                         Murray
        More                          Gordon
        More                          Leslie
        Morgan                        MacKay
        Morison                       Morrison
        Morren                        MacKinnon
        Morrice                       Buchanan
        Morrick                       Gordon
        Morris                        Buchanan
        Morris                        Gordon
        Morrison                      Buchanan
        Morrison                      Morrison
        Morton                        Douglas
        Mouat                         Sutherland
        Mowat                         Sutherland
        Mowatt                        Sutherland
        Muir                          Gordon
        Munn                          Stuart
        Munn                          Lamont
        Munnoch                       MacFarlane
        Munnock                       MacFarlane
        Munro                         Munro
        Munroe                        Munro
        Murchie                       MacKenzie
        Murchie                       Buchanan
        Murchie                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Murchison                     MacKenzie
        Murchison                     Buchanan
        Murchison                     MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Murdoch                       MacPherson
        Murdoch                       MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Murdoson                      MacPherson
        Murdoson                      MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Murphy                        MacDonald (of the Isles)
        Murray                        Sutherland
        Murray                        Murray
        Murrie                        Murray
        Mushet                        Drummond
        Mylne                         Gordon
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[Thin Rainbow Line]
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